Immerse Yourself in Shaleia’s Artistry:
Art Show Exhibition on Thursday, June 13th

Witness the divine unfold through the strokes of Shaleia Divine’s paintbrush and other mediums at our enchanting Art Show on the first day of the Twin Flames Universe Spiritual Life Summit. Shaleia’s art is not just visual; it’s a sacred experience, beckoning you into a realm of spiritual richness and healing energy. Each piece is a testament to the uniqueness of your spiritual journey and carries the essence of a true spiritual master.


Some of Shaleia’s masterpieces that have previously been sold at auction:

“The New Chapter Mandala”

  • Description: Offers the blessings of new beginnings and assists with the constant changes on the spiritual journey.
  • Sold at Auction: $700
  • Date Purchased: April 4, 2020
  • Shaleia’s Insight: “Inspired by a new direction and change in my life, this piece is a healing journey of new beginnings. If you’re attracting dreams of grounding energy – a new home, relationship, career, or spiritual path – let this mandala guide and heal you.”

“The Blessing of Creation”

  • Description: Offers the blessings of courage, confidence, and healthy risks.

  • Sold at Auction: $2,000
  • Date Purchased: July 23, 2020
  • Shaleia’s Insight: “Born out of boldness, this mandala explores the vibrant relationship between red and yellow. Empowering your root and solar plexus chakra, it is a healing agent for physical mastery, confidence, and self-expression.”

“The Mandala of Being”

  • Description: Imbued with the blessing of Shaleia’s living being.

  • Sold at Auction: $2,223
  • Date Purchased: March 26, 2023

  • Shaleia’s Insight: “This mandala emerged during a pivotal moment of deep contemplation of Self. It transcends mere ‘work’ – it is a reflection of being. ‘I am. You are. Life is. God is.’ This is The Mandala of Being, a gift of pure beingness.”

“The Blessing of Peace”

  • Description: Offers the blessing of peace upon the owner.

  • Sold at Auction: $2,700
  • Date Purchased: July 24, 2020

  • Shaleia’s Insight: “Crafted in a state of tranquil peace, this mandala bequeaths and expands peace into your life and the lives around you. Peace, the nectar and healing balm of life, is the essence of this exquisite piece.”

Supporting the Church of Union

Some of the incredible pieces at the exhibition may be available for purchase during the event, with all proceeds going directly to the Church of Union. This is your opportunity to not only adorn your space with a masterpiece but also contribute to the continued growth and impact of our spiritual community. Don’t miss the chance to witness and, perhaps, own a piece of this divine artistry.

Prepare to be enraptured, enlightened, and utterly transformed by these workshops – each a gem in the crown of your spiritual journey. This is your invitation to step into the extraordinary.

Join us!