Discover Heartfelt Connections

At the Twin Flames Universe Spiritual Life Summit, we understand the profound importance of community, especially in today’s world where genuine connections are more cherished than ever before. Our event isn’t just about attending workshops; it’s about forging bonds with like-hearted souls who are on a similar journey towards self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Our community is built on the principle of unconditional love. Regardless of where you are in your journey or what challenges you may be facing, you’ll find solace and encouragement among fellow community members. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with others who understand and resonate with your journey, whether you’re currently in Union with your Twin Flame or not.


The connections you make at the Summit extend far beyond the duration of the event. Many of our students have forged lifelong friendships and partnerships with others they’ve met in the community, creating a network of support and fellowship that extends across the globe.

Being surrounded by your fellow community members who are walking the same spiritual path as you is incredibly healing, joyful and will help heal your heart and propel you forward on your spiritual journey.  Gathering together for the purpose of healing and experiencing transcendental love together uplifts you and supports you in making spiritual progress much faster than doing it alone. 

Connect in the beautiful atmosphere of Northern Michigan, surrounded by people you love, learning about the topics you’re passionate about that will support you in creating your own Heaven on Earth with your Twin Flame.

“The entire trip was magical, and it was as if I healed lifetimes of blocks in one weekend. This was because being around others who are doing their inner work galvanizes your own. And we weren’t just together for an hour – it was DAYS of this higher vibration together.

After the [workshop], my friends and I got to go out to eat, and do inner work together, pull cards together, cry together and laugh together. It was bliss.”

– Leesie Mappes

“Being around my fellow community members in real life is always so deeply healing for my Union. Jose and I always leave feeling even closer and even more in love and we’re not the only ones. Being around others who do the work creates a beautiful energy of healing and harmony, I feel it makes it easier to do the healing work and make spiritual progress.”

– Michaila Sanchez

“We had an amazing time with our spiritual family and felt an incredible shift in our vibration into deep peace. That event was so powerful, it catapulted [my Twin Flame and I] into a deep awareness of who we are at the core of our being. . . To understand who you are at the core and the gifts you have to offer this world, it’s priceless.

Every single event I attended transformed my life in so many ways. Spending time with others on the Twin Flame journey is priceless. It magnetizes your Twin Flame to you because you’re surrounded by Twin Flame energy!”

– Chrissy Emerick