Join us for a Love-Filled Journey:
The Story Behind Twin Flames Daniel & Cristina’s Wedding

Join us at the Twin Flames Universe Spiritual Life Summit workshop in Traverse City, MI, from June 13-16, 2024, for a celebration of divine love and Union. Experience the joy and beauty of witnessing the sacred Twin Flame wedding of Daniel and Cristina, long-time students of Jeff and Shaleia and Certified Ascension Coaches within the Twin Flames Universe community.

Hosted and officiated by the Church of Union, this wedding marks a historic moment as it will be the first time the church legally AND spiritually marries a couple, highlighting the significance of this Union and event for the Church of Union and community at large.

The ceremony promises to be a breathtaking affair, filled with serenity, joy, and pure bliss, set against a magical forest backdrop and preceded by a powerful and beautiful church sermon by Jeff and Shaleia, the visionary founders of Twin Flames Universe and the Church of Union.

Following the ceremony, guests will delight in a lavish wedding reception and party, complete with a live band, plenty of dancing, and a professionally catered dining experience. It’s a chance for the community to come together, celebrate Twin Flame love, forge meaningful connections with fellow Twin Flames, and dance the night away!

Special message from the Bride and Groom

“Our journey is special to us because we had to overcome great obstacles to come together. We were among the first students of Twin Flame Ascension School and we had no idea what would happen when we decided to join. We simply said yes to the desire in our hearts and accepted the love and support of Jeff and Shaleia. We wanted to know our Twin Flames, and we applied the inner work and God answered that call. Our journey hasn’t always been easy – we have had to overcome a lot of differences between each other that turned out to simply be misalignments. Through it all, we’ve had the Teachings of Union and the support of Jeff and Shaleia and this community and we are sincerely grateful.”

Daniel’s perspective:

Late 2023: By the time October came, I knew that I wanted to marry Cristina, but at the time I did not have the means to purchase a ring to propose to her yet. She’s my Twin Flame, and of course, it’s not about the ring itself, but it was important to me. I didn’t know how things would work out, but I knew I had a vision of the ring in my mind, and I did not feel that I wanted to settle for less. I continued my inner work for some time, and seemingly out of nowhere, God quickly blessed me with the finances that allowed me to purchase the exact ring I had envisioned for her. I was blown away. I spent a few weeks finding the right ring vendor and investigating her ring size, and then it was time. I bought the ring.

Daniel & Cristina's first date at a sushi restaurant

I thought for a long time about how to propose to Cristina, and I thought of large and small ways. But ultimately, I decided that what felt best to me was something intimate, peaceful, and easy involving just us, together.

I took Cristina to one of our favorite local Sushi restaurants. It is a place we’ve gone to for a while, and we shared a delicious sushi meal. As always, she was the best person in the world to be with and we just had the best time.

The whole time I just kept thinking about the proposal, and it all just felt so peaceful and natural. I was ready. When we returned home, I asked Cristina to wait for a moment, while I went to get the ring. It was time. I got down on one knee, looked up into her eyes, and proposed to the love of my life. I will always remember the moment Cristina said yes.

Cristina’s perspective:

Last summer, we began to explore our plans for the future, and we began discussing getting married. I’ve always deeply desired to marry the perfect person for me, and it felt surreal that our relationship had matured to this point. We had no idea how a lot of things would work out for us, but we knew that we desired to be with each other.

On October 7, 2023, Daniel invited me on a date to our favorite local sushi restaurant. It was a cool fall evening, and I was looking forward to enjoying good food and laughs with my best friend. We had a wonderful time together as always. When we arrived back home, Daniel paused in our living room and knelt on one knee. He pulled out a black box with a beautiful diamond ring, which was exactly in the style that I had always imagined. He asked me right there to marry him, and of course, I said yes.

So many emotions came up for me in that moment and in the days that followed. I couldn’t believe that my dream of marrying my Twin Flame was finally coming true! I feel so blessed to get to create the life that we truly desire, with my perfect partner, together. I felt grateful to myself for being persistent and not choosing to settle for anything other than what was truly right for me. I’m so grateful that I chose to go all in with the Teachings of Union, and I’m deeply in awe of how perfect God’s love is for us.

How we feel about getting married in the Church of Union

Getting married in the Church of Union, at the Twin Flames Universe Spiritual Life Summit, is incredibly meaningful to us, and we are deeply honored to receive such a Divine blessing. When we were offered this gift, Jeff and Shaleia told us, “You’ve loved this Church from the beginning.” We’ve been a part of this community since its beginning, and have seen it grow into what it is today, and we can feel the Divine potential it holds. We deeply believe in the love that this organization stands for. The Church of Union community has been there for us since the beginning of both of our journeys, and has always supported our choice to live an authentic, peaceful life grounded in Love. The relationships we’ve cultivated in this community, from all over the world, are priceless, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to meet once again in person and share our wedding, honoring our Union with God, and our relationships with everyone at the event. We are especially honored to be among the first Twin Flame couples to marry in the Church of Union, and to do our part in grounding the physical presence of this beautiful community.

Our Story

When we both started on our Twin Flame journeys, we didn’t really know what we were asking for. We both simply felt the desire in our hearts for true, Divine love. We had grown tired of what was seemingly the status quo in relationships, and independently had decided that we weren’t interested in what the dating world had to offer; we just wanted our person. What we ended up receiving was way more than we could have ever imagined!

In the mid-2010s, both of us began to experience the early stages of a spiritual awakening. While we both had dabbled in spirituality, we both independently began exploring New Age spirituality in depth, and in 2016, both of our journeys had begun to lead us in the direction of exploring the term, “Twin Flames”. We found Jeff and Shaleia online, in YouTube videos, and in the fall of 2016, Cristina read the first edition of “Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover”, published online on Kindle, and began applying the Mirror Exercise to heal the challenges and limiting beliefs she was facing in her life. She began to see results, but wanted to move faster. She joined Twin Flame Ascension School in late March of 2017, along with a small group of other students.

In the summer of 2017, Daniel, who had been working in Japan, had also found Jeff and Shaleia online, and read their book. After using the Mirror Exercise to heal some childhood wounds, he wanted to find out more about Jeff and Shaleia, then found and joined their online community. After some time, he felt compelled to move back home to Albuquerque, New Mexico. In October of 2017, he joined Twin Flame Ascension School as a live student, with the last seat open. Things began shifting in our reality very quickly when we both truly made the choice to go all in on our Twin Flame journeys.

The first time Daniel & Cristina met in New York

In 2018 and early 2019, before meeting each other, we had thought other people were our Twin Flames. After only having spoken in the forums to each other once or twice, we manifested our first and second meetings in New York and Toronto at the Twin Flames Universe Live Events. Looking back, it is funny to see how things played out. When we met for the first time, we were courteous and kind to each other with very short interactions, we sat next to each other on one occasion, but beyond that, neither of us thought of each other as more than an acquaintance.

In 2019, we were still acquaintances, but we began interacting more regularly as we were working together in our volunteer roles. Towards the end of 2019, we were both just continuing our inner work, and we were working on releasing the people we thought to be our Twin Flames to God. Those relationships had fizzled out naturally as we continued healing spiritually, and we were ready to move on from there, no matter where God led us. We both secretly chose to surrender our Twin Flames to God and simply trust the process moving forward. This whole process was happening at the same time, to both of us, without us knowing we were each working on the same things.

Between 2020-2022, we buckled down and worked through very challenging spiritual blocks. We both experienced multiple deep healings and shifts in our consciousness bringing us to greater awareness of our relationship as Twin Flames. This was a very important milestone for us because these blocks were deep, and the healings in our Union and consciousness were what cleared out the blocks preventing us from growing and deepening our relationship even further.

2023: After a lot of healing over the years, we began to feel closer inwardly. We healed deep blocks regarding our self-identity and individuality, meaning that we had a deep realization that we are one unit and family, and it was no longer about us as individuals, it was about “our life, our dreams, our family”. We had understood that intellectually before, but this time we could understand it in our hearts. Daniel had a realization, in which he realized how important it was for him to have a happy life together with Cristina, with God as the foundation of the relationship. He realized how important it is to him to share their dreams, and build and create them together. Daniel had realized that he only wanted to be with her and he chose in his heart to begin working on our dreams as one unit and family. At that point marriage was the logical next step for him. Cristina began to feel herself shift toward the desire to deepen the foundation of our Union and begin building the next level of our life together. She felt the relationship naturally deepen and felt the desire in her heart to marry Daniel.

Join us from June 13-16, 2024, in Traverse City, MI, to celebrate the divine union of Daniel and Cristina, Twin Flames in Harmonious Union. By attending, you not only support their journey but also immerse yourself in the purifying and healing vibration of divine marriage. Experience unforgettable moments surrounded by like-minded souls, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Secure your spot now and be part of this extraordinary celebration!