Workshop Overview and Lineup
for Friday and Saturday on June 14-15th

Embark on a journey through our meticulously crafted workshops, each designed to propel you toward a Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame and a blissful life of Heaven on Earth. Here’s a glimpse into the workshops that are being featured during the Spiritual Life Summit.

Day 1

Developing Your Third Eye and Psychic Abilities by Tahira:


Tahira guides you through the mystical realms. Unlock the potential of your third eye and psychic abilities, expanding your consciousness and tapping into unseen dimensions at this powerful workshop.

Mastering Twin Flame Attraction and Magnetism by Hannah and Dylan:


Join true Twin Flames, Hannah and Dylan, as they unravel the secrets of attraction. Dive into the divine art of magnetism, and learn the spiritual process that deepens your attraction with and connection to your Twin Flame.

Mastering Purpose on the Twin Flame Journey by José and Michaila:



As Twin Flames and owners of a successful 6-figure business, José and Michaila explore the reality of prosperity and purpose. Master the art of Life Purpose success within your Twin Flame Union, creating a life together that overflows with shared blessings, joy, and abundance.

Twin Flame Ascension School “Live” Student Panel & Q&A:

A speaking panel featuring TFAS students from the original recorded classes provides insights and answers, fostering connection and understanding among those on the same sacred journey. Catch up with some of the original students of Jeff and Shaleia, find out where they are now in life, in their Twin Flame Unions, their Life Purposes and get answers for all of your burning questions.

Day 2

Speakers Panel: Aligning with Your Divine Body with Leesie, Ledia, Drake, and Revati:

Community members Leesie, Ledia, Drake, and Revati will guide you through learning how to align with your Divine Body, healing to the spiritual and emotional core of physically manifested ailments & dis-ease, while unlocking the keys to true health, Lifestyle based on God, personal expression, and Divine Beauty along your spiritual journey.

Divine Glow by Jason:

Learn from Jason, Professional Head Chef of Divine Dish, through decades of combined experience and exploration of the importance of food on the spiritual journey and dive deeper into all the essentials for growing that healthy glow in your life. Illuminate your inner glow, paving the way for a joy-filled and purpose-driven life.

Divine Romance and Sexuality: Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Energies with Isaiah & Sage:

Twin Flames Isaiah and Sage weave a tapestry of sacred connection. Explore the dance of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, discovering the richness of romance and sexuality within your Twin Flame Union.

Intimacy and Communication with God by Soraya:


Soraya’s workshop is a journey into the heart. Enhance your connection with God/Source/Spirit through deep intimacy and divine communication, forging a bond that transcends the spiritual and expands into the physical.

Creating Divine Communities by Julia:


Julia’s workshop is a beacon of unity. Learn how coming together with others who choose the same path as you can weave the threads of divine connections, creating strong and resilient communities that resonate with love and purpose and benefit the planet.

TFAS Trivia Game Night hosted by Fabian, Jason, and José:

Conclude the magical weekend with laughter and camaraderie. Live TFAS students Fabian, Jason, and José host a trivia game night, a celebration of shared experiences and the bonds forged during the event. Trivia questions range from basic spiritual themes to VERY specific moments and inside jokes from Twin Flame Ascension School classes, Life Purpose Class, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, and other key moments in Church of Union history that have helped shape the spiritual culture throughout the community. And don’t worry– you can always “phone a friend!”

Prepare to be enraptured, enlightened, and utterly transformed by these workshops – each a gem in the crown of your spiritual journey to building your Divine Life with your Twin Flame. This isn’t just an event; it’s an investment in your spiritual growth and a chance to create bonds that last a lifetime. Join us for a weekend filled with magic, love, and personal transformation. This is your invitation to step into the extraordinary.
Join us!