The Church of Union is a one-year-old non-profit organization based on the teachings of Unionism. January 5th, 2020 marks the birth of the Church, with the streaming of our first ever Sunday Service.

The religion of Unionism evolved from the foundational spiritual teachings and Divine revelations provided by Jeff and Shaleia, housed in the Twin Flames Universe body of work. By supporting one’s healing and encouraging a God-centered life, Jeff and Shaleia provided the core teachings of what was to become Unionism, perfectly complementing their previous work.

Unionism is the teaching of love, it’s Christ Consciousness, Union with God and sharing God with your brother. It is the consciousness of love and oneness. It is standing up for love no matter what. It is God. A Unionist lives and embodies the teachings of Unionism, with Harmonious Twin Flame Union as the spiritual path.

The purpose of the Church of Union is to extend Unionism throughout the world in all ways. It is our vision to be a self-sustaining non-profit entity that creates wealth for all. To expand its vision, the Church of Union seeks partnerships to embed Unionism in current or developing products in existing companies that align with the core teachings of Unionism.

The Church of Union organizational community currently consists of four additional for-profit organizations: Twin Flames Universe, Mind Alignment Process Inc., Divine Dish, and Divine Gaming. Each entity in the Church of Union community of organizations benefits from each other entity. The for-profit entities profit more because of the Church of Union, and the Church of Union benefits more because of the for-profit entities. All the businesses and those within them grow together in harmony with each other due to the reciprocal nature of the relationships between entities. Each entity the Church of Union partners with has a spiritual, altruistic purpose at the foundation of their product, to benefit humanity.



52 Sunday Services were live-streamed by the Church of Union in 2020.

Tithing to the COU supports us in producing every Sunday Service. Thank you for your support in expanding Unionism. You can donate here:



Our 2020 Services were viewed 3,244 times LIVE. Our digital presence helps us reach people of all continents and all backgrounds.

The first day of the Church of Union, January 5th, 2020 was our best day in terms of viewership with 625 views. A great start for the organization!

Live Service

In 2021, if the global health events allow for it, we are looking at having our first physical Sunday Service in Sedona, Arizona.

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The Very First Sermon

The NEW WAY To Spiritually Ascend | Sunday Service January 5th 2020 marked the grand debut of the Church of Union.

On Paramahansa Yogananda’s birthday, Jeff and Shaleia delivered the very first of many sermons to come.

“It’s always ever been here. It’s the teaching of Union, of Oneness. Of how beneath all other religions and spiritualities, they are only ever saying one thing, and that is ascending our vibration and realizing the separation is not real, that only Love is real, and in Love we are One.”

– An excerpt from the first sermon with Jeff & Shaleia.

Through your donations, the Church of Union is able to support its ministers to deliver weekly sermons.









Donating to the Church of Union is a choice made with the heart. It is a symbol of the truth of your partnership with your Creator.

$10,000+ DONORS
Jeff & Shaleia Divine
MAP Inc.
Sandra Batista
Jason & Chrissy Emerick


Legal Support

COU Expansion



We’ve had at least one new donor every month.

$5,000+ DONORS
Colby & Keely Lang
Alexandra & Laurentiu Benzar
Fabian Scholz
Leesie Mappes

A total of 34 Harmonious Twin Flame Unions were achieved on the planet.

17 remain active today.

“Harmonious Union is Soul Union. It is the permanent marriage of two into one.”
Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover

4 Harmonious Union Couples Married in the Church of Union

Adam & Breann

Laurentiu & Alexandra

Jason & Chrissy

Kiran & Stephanie

SPOTLIGHT: Adam & Breann

The Very First Marriage in the Church of Union

May 9th 2020, signified a sacred day for the Church of Union, and for Adam and Breann – the first couple to be married by the Church of Union.

““I promise to remain faithful to Love,
our true Heaven on Earth forevermore.”

An excerpt from Adam & Breann’s wedding vows.

“Being the first Harmonious Union to be married by the Church of Union was an absolute honor.
The foundation of our Harmonious Union is a direct result of applying Jeff and Shaleia’s teachings to all areas of our lives. It felt like an expansion of the gift that we were given.”

– Twin Flames Adam & Breann Price-Sand –

After Church Tea Time – Sundays at 1pm EDT

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Why Black Lives Matter – Tuesdays at 3pm EDT

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Soul Cafe – Fridays at 1PM EDT

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SPOTLIGHT: Why Back Lives Matter Discussion

Our Why Black Lives Matter discussion was formed to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement and heal in consciousness wounding between cultures. This is a spiritual discussion where our dedicated members meet weekly in a live stream in our Facebook group to heal the root causes of racism in our world. The discussion is groundbreaking and deeply healing for all.

Granville Campbell

Granville Campbell

Yoreen Marcin

Marlee Griffin

Marlee Griffin

Marlee Griffin

Marlee Griffin


The Church of Union is a non-profit organization that is led by a Board of Directors and supported predominantly by volunteers. Over the next two years, The Church of Union plans to continue partnering with several for-profit companies with a core mission to benefit humanity in their own unique way. The Church of Union organizational community currently consist of the following:

Twin Flames Universe (TFU)

TFU provides a collection of spiritual teachings created by Jeff and Shaleia that heals one’s relationship with God. The TFU body of work brings couples into Harmonious Twin Flame Union with their perfect partner and empowers many students to pursue their dream career and become successful in it, both financially and spiritually. The Twin Flame journey into Harmonious Twin Flame Union and beyond is the spiritual path of Unionism.

Mind Alignment Process (MAP) Inc.

The MAP Healing Program is a process created by Jeff and Shaleia of healing the relationship within one’s consciousness that is experiencing trauma, creating a perfectly balanced and stable state of mind. MAP is a demonstration of the fundamental principle of Unionism in action. The healing modality is based on the teachings of Unionism and hopes to awaken within the recipient the spiritual awareness that Unionism offers. This spreads Unionism and gives recipients an experience of Unionism as an invitation to Unionism. MindAlignmentProcess.org

Divine Dish

Divine Dish helps each individual heal and deepen their relationship with food through professionally curated nutritionally balanced meals that fulfill the mind, body, and soul. Divine Dish is a demonstration of the fundamental principle of Unionism in action. The core product is based on the teachings of Unionism in hopes to awaken within the recipient the spiritual awareness that Unionism offers. Divine Dish spreads Unionism and gives the recipients an experience of Unionism as an invitation to Unionism.

Divine Gaming Inc.

Divine Gaming Inc. is in development and currently creating video games that embed Unionism ideas within them to provide the player a healthy and balanced play experience. Diving Gaming produces video games which demonstrate Unionism in action and promote Unionism.

SPOTLIGHT: Divine Gaming Initiative

“Volunteering as the CEOs of Divine Gaming Inc. has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of our lives. In 2020, we continued working with people who love what they do, in order to build Divine video games. By applying the Unionist principles, we have consolidated a dedicated team and project that continues to grow and transform every day. Of course, we also have a lot of fun and learn valuable life lessons along the way. By being volunteers for the Church of Union, we have grown to know ourselves better as people and are able to connect deeper with God through living our Life Purpose fully.”


– Laurentiu and Alexandra Benzar, CEOs of Diving Gaming Inc –


We would like to thank our volunteers, who breathe life into the Church of Union and its branches. We love you and appreciate all that you do.

We had 76 Volunteers in 2020.

Volunteering consisted of:

Design and Distribution of Memes,


Music Team & Choir,

Human Resources Department,

Sunday Service Team,


Website Team,

Multimedia Team,



and Special Events Team.

If you would like to contribute to the Church of Union, you can do so below