Hi there, my name is Jeff Divine. I would like to speak with you about the music from The Church of Union. I have developed an intimate, loving relationship with Life itself. Anywhere I feel especially called, I love deeply and intimately. Music is one of those places I have felt deeply called. Because of my love for music, I can see clearly the Life in it. Where there has been a refusal to accept Life or allow it through in music, I can see what Life needs to flow properly, completely, and wholly.

Life is the essence of God.  God is Life.  My relationship with music is sourced from my relationship with God.
Because God is satisfying, whole, complete, rich, alive, juicy, and so many other wonderful qualities,
we can expect music to be the same where God is fully allowed.
God will not come unless we allow Him.

All of the music for The Church of Union which I have my hand in is this way. As I am writing this, I am just arriving to the shores of my ocean of love for music. God has Asked me to heal very popular songs important to culture, songs which evoke great emotion and deep feeling. The problem with these songs is a misunderstanding in the mind of the artist. The artist usually associates deep emotions and feeling with pain. Every competent artist knows the thing that makes art great is emotion and feeling. Something that not only draws this from themselves, but something others can relate to, something people feel speaks to them.

The problem with music based in pain is that it becomes uncomfortable to listen to after a time, and so we sort of eventually abandon these beautiful works which were almost masterpieces. We store them in a little box in our hearts and forget about them, sometimes returning to them throughout life, only to put them back in the box and move on.

Some songs require very little work to gently coax into full Life. Others require an enormous undertaking to resurrect from the depths of depression and despair. Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah (popularized by Jeff Buckley’s cover) would be an example of a grand undertaking of restoration, versus Landslide by Stevie Nicks being a song which required a very gentle push to achieve perfection.

I am not interested in making their songs my own, but only healing the song to its original inspirational state as God moved through their consciousness. In this music you will see the artist’s real Divine Self, free of despair, a perfect image of what their art could be if ascended into Heavenly Perfection in Perfect Union with their Father and Creator. This is a statement about what music should be and can be when we purify our minds in the Light of God.

We hope you enjoy immensely this work of our hearts in collaboration with the lovely team in The Church of Union’s Music Department.

All our love,

Jeff, Shaleia, and Grace Divine

Music Productions