Items Donated By Jeff & Shaleia Divine

A One of a kind signed copy of Twin Flames Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff and Shaleia Divine.

Estimated value: priceless.

First time available, one of a kind, signed copy.

Estimated value: priceless.

Romance Report.

Estimated value: priceless.

Coaching Sessions

Stephanie Zimmermann is a devoted, long-time student of Jeff and Shaleia and the Teachings of Union. After attending and graduating from Twin Flame Ascension School, she attained the spiritual achievement of Harmonious Twin Flame Union with her Twin Flame, Kiran, and now is is happily married and living the life of her dreams in Switzerland. This coaching package includes 4 1-1 sessions with Stephanie over Zoom video conferencing and may be used for addressing healing in all areas including Twin Flame separation, Life Purpose, self expression and authenticity, toxic family healing, codependency, and more. These sessions may be redeemed within 3 months (90 days) after being claimed by COU Sweet Spring Fundraiser winner.

Estimated value: $396.00.

Donated by Stephanie Zimmermann

You will receive three FREE sessions with Danny and Kristina. In these sessions we will support you in healing blocks and upsets you’re experiencing on your Twin Flame Journey. This is a great opportunity to help fast-track your healing and Twin Flame Union.💖

Estimated value: $ 333.00

Donated by Danny & Kristina

1 month bundle that includes 4 individual coaching sessions to heal through the blocks you’re experiencing on your Twin Flame journey.

Estimated value: $236.00.

Donated by Gabi Robinson

José and Michaila will personally mentor you in developing your Life Purpose, mastering abundance and clearing blocks in this area.

Estimated value: $231.00.

Donated by Jose & Michaila


This detailed 9-card reading follows the Hero’s Journey story template. It points out the core blocks on your Twin Flame ascension journey and guides you into healing them. This is a powerful, timeless reading you can refer to every now and then on your spiritual journey. You’ll receive it in video form.

Estimated value: $120.00.

Donated by Christine Kiout

In this reading you will recieve cards for both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies. The reading will go in depth with both the DM and the DF’s blocks, will give you what you need to work through any of the blocks that are coming up, and you will receive a special message from your Twin Flame from their side! 😉 Plus whatever your Twin Flame is working through on their side you will also be working through too.

Estimated value: $120.00.

Donated by Drake Minore

A 1 hour video reading, where I pull multiple cards from multiple decks and help you understand the energy of your Union and the blocks you and your twinflame are moving through. I Pull individual cards for you and your Twin flame, I give advice and guide its on how to move through your current blocks. I do it pre recorded so that you go back and watch it as many times as needed. They are very healing and in depth.

Estimated value: $100.00.

Donated by Kanisha Marie Moore Castillo

Get a 12 card spread with past, present and future healing through various oracle card decks.

Estimated value: $88.00.

Donated by Abeer Nagi