Recycled bike tires, Invader Zim, duct tape, these are some of the fun wallets I carried around in my earlier life. But the one available for auction today is the wallet of my financial ascent.

I purchased it from Coach for somewhere around $100-$130, a big upgrade for me from my cheap $18 wallet it had replaced. I was in the process of developing TFAS and LPC and our income was increasing strongly and quickly. We were rocketing out of poverty and into prosperity.

It didn’t come without effort, the effort was tremendous. But we did it. This wallet held my cards and cash and was the hub for connecting the wealth we were growing to the goods and services we needed and wanted for some time.

It is made of durable, high quality leather and had stood the test of a few years I spent with it. It saw us go from growing in success, to millionaires, to multimillionaires before I ultimately replaced it with a $700-$900 wallet from Louis Vuitton to continue my financial and wallet journey.

This is just a wallet I spent some time with. I loved it and I hope to pass it on to a good home for a good cause. May whoever wins this wallet enjoy their own financial prosperity expanding like I did when I had it.

Estimated Value: Priceless