The Mandala of Being

This is a special mandala, there is none other like it. As with all my art pieces, I put my Self into them. I think that’s what all great art is, a gift of the being of the artist.

This piece saw me enter into a very special vortex in my life, one where I stepped out of the normal to explore deep contemplation of Self. I had been experiencing so much doing and activity in my life for quite some time. I still had a lot to do, but something in me called me to stop. I set my to do list aside, sat down in my art studio, and this work began pouring out of me.

It’s different that any of my other pieces. While they’re all unique in their own way, this one sets everything aside and walks into a new reality to express being.

I didn’t “work” on this mandala, I simply “was” with it. I am. You are. Life is. God is. This is The Mandala of Being I present to you. It is my being, it is Beingness itself.

My hope is that you can enjoy the spiritual benefits of this piece whenever you are called to be with it. My living being during this time in my life is imbued in this mandala and can be displayed or stored for the viewer any time.

I feel this work invokes peace, calm, groundedness, invites you to explore and express your creative potential, and beckons you into a special reality where time stops. Where everything is calm, where all is One and you Are, in Perfect Union with God. A pause on the stresses of life, stepping out of the chaos and activity of the day, and an entering into a special reality, even if just for a short while.

The first owner of The Mandala of Being will receive an additional note from me which offers deeper exploration into the piece.

May all your moments be blessed with an awareness of Being, wherever you are on your journey.

All my love always,
Shaleia Clare Divine

Estimated Value: Priceless