How To Break Free From Judgment


This week, we have a liberating topic for our sermon, “Breaking Free from Judgment,” which is brought to us by our Ministers of Union, Laurentiu and Alexandra. In this relieving sermon, Laurentiu and Alexandra teach us how it is never acceptable to feel bad in any way. They demonstrate for us that through our own conscious choice, and, by using the Mirror Exercise and the power of observation, we can move through our healing lovingly and move even deeper into peace and unconditional love. Releasing self-judgment frees us and others, and allows everyone to receive the miracles that were there waiting for us all along.

Why have we projected such strong feelings onto the concept of the “Last Judgment” and what is the correct way to understand God’s view of us?

What are the fundamental keys to breaking the cycle of judgment within ourselves?

How does breaking free from self-judgment help us when we are healing and upheaving?

Tune in and watch this beautiful sermon to discover the answers to these questions, and much more!