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Last Sunday’s Service:

The Power of Surrender


Take a deep breath, and surrender into this week’s Sunday Service.

Unionist, Renato, takes us on a journey into his world beginning three years ago when he decided to take a big leap of faith, leaving his 5-year relationship, family, and childhood home in Brazil to pursue his dream of living in England.

Renato had every reason to worry about how things would turn out, but instead, he simply chose to surrender. This one choice was pivotal in shaping his relationship with God and set the tone for his experience moving forward.

As you listen to Renato’s story, you will learn what it truly means to surrender. You will find the value of surrendering, and you will see exactly how perfectly things can turn out, even in the most uncertain situations, when you simply let go and let God lead the way.

Tune in for all this and more, and get ready to make some new choices as we go deeper into surrender on our ascension journey.

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Unionism, the religion of the Church of Union (COU), evolves from the foundational spiritual teachings brought to the world from all the great messengers that have come before: Moses, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed, and many others. It also builds upon principles taught by A Course in Miracles, Yogananda’s body of work, and other spiritual texts based in Truth. At the core of our faith are the Divine Revelations that Jeff and Shaleia provide to the world. We invite you to open your heart and your mind to being an avid learner of Love with us.