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Last Sunday’s Service:
The Truth About Compassion


When you envision a life of Peace on Earth, what do you imagine the main tenets that create this life might be?

This week, we explore one of the cornerstones of a happy life: compassion.

What does it really mean to be compassionate? Is it compassionate to set boundaries? How can you truly honor yourself while still treating others compassionately?

Find out all this and more as you fill your cup in this peaceful Sunday Service delivered by Unionist, Aazhen Moggy.

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Unionism, the religion of the Church of Union (COU), evolves from the foundational spiritual teachings brought to the world from all the great messengers that have come before: Moses, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed, and many others. It also builds upon principles taught by A Course in Miracles, Yogananda’s body of work, and other spiritual texts based in Truth. At the core of our faith are the Divine Revelations that Jeff and Shaleia provide to the world. We invite you to open your heart and your mind to being an avid learner of Love with us.