Unionism is a set of logical, holistic, and experiential guidelines to help you live your best life in harmony with all of creation.

It is based upon a set of principles and spiritual laws that we believe describe and govern base reality, or Truth. We invite and encourage the personal exploration of Truth, so you can not only discover for yourself what is and is not Truth, but so we can strengthen our collective understanding of it together.

Unionism is a results-focused science, meaning it must produce meaningful, measurable, and repeatable results. We aim to together distill the formulas for life and then replicate the results from those findings. Our findings are rich and numerous already and corroborate the findings of many of the great spiritual teachers from various religions and cultures throughout history.

As Unionists, our goal is to create Heaven on Earth, or the optimal reality, through each our own personal connection to God and knowing His finest creation, you. This results in a wonderful, joyful, fulfilling, satisfying, and meaningful life worthy of a child of the Most High God. It also resolves all the underlying causes of suffering and misery that so many of us end up experiencing as a result of living based upon the unconscious thought system of the world.

Unionism aims to completely deconstruct our fundamental thought system which dictates our way of being, bring it into the light of total awareness, and reorganize it to best suit both our individual and collective needs as one humanity of total inclusion.

“In heaven where the meaning of love is known, love is the same as Union.” – A Course in Miracles