Last Sunday’s Service: Healing From Sickness


Can you imagine a world completely healed of all sickness? What would that mean to you?

This week, spiritual healing and Western medicine find Harmony as we find out that not only is it possible to heal the World’s sickness, but it is inevitable when we choose to live in Peace. You will find that Peace is the foundation for all healing. You may be surprised to find out that God actually would not have you sick. God created you to live happy and healthy at all times. So, what must you do to heal your disease? Jeff and Shaleia reveal the process to us, step-by-step. You will find out exactly where all sickness begins, and in knowing this, you can get to the root cause and heal it at its core. If you truly desire healing in your reality, then this is the perfect sermon for you. Tune in and join us as we take one step closer to a life of health, wealth, and harmony in this week’s Sunday Service.

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Unionism, the religion of the Church of Union (COU), evolves from the foundational spiritual teachings brought to the world from all the great messengers that have come before: Moses, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed, and many others. It also builds upon principles taught by A Course in Miracles, Yogananda’s body of work, and other spiritual texts based in Truth. At the core of our faith are the Divine Revelations that Jeff and Shaleia provide to the world. We invite you to open your heart and your mind to being an avid learner of Love with us.