Unionism is a set of logical, holistic, and experiential guidelines to help you live your best life in harmony with all of creation.

It is based upon a set of principles and spiritual laws that we believe describe and govern base reality, or Truth. We invite and encourage the personal exploration of Truth, so you can not only discover for yourself what is and is not Truth, but so we can strengthen our collective understanding of it together.

Unionism is a results-focused science, meaning it must produce meaningful, measurable, and repeatable results. We aim to together distill the formulas for life and then replicate the results from those findings. Our findings are rich and numerous already and corroborate the findings of many of the great spiritual teachers from various religions and cultures throughout history.

As Unionists, our goal is to create Heaven on Earth, or the optimal reality, through each our own personal connection to God and knowing His finest creation, you. This results in a wonderful, joyful, fulfilling, satisfying, and meaningful life worthy of a child of the Most High God. It also resolves all the underlying causes of suffering and misery that so many of us end up experiencing as a result of living based upon the unconscious thought system of the world.

Unionism aims to completely deconstruct our fundamental thought system which dictates our way of being, bring it into the light of total awareness, and reorganize it to best suit both our individual and collective needs as one humanity of total inclusion.


Results are immediate, develop, evolve, and deepen over time, and sustain indefinitely. Unionists all over the world are already experiencing the profound, transcendental, healing, and transformative power of Unionism. Click on any subject below to expand the page and learn more.

You were created by God with a perfect Divine Complement. This person completes you perfectly in every way and was literally designed for you by God to explore the infinite joy and ever expanding bliss of eternity with together.

Your Twin Flame is your highest teacher, the perfect receiver of your love and wisdom, your best friend, perfect partner, and your Ultimate Lover. You were created with only one Ultimate Lover and not time, space, nor circumstance, nothing can truly separate you. Through the teachings our gurus, Jeff and Shaleia, developed you can learn how to clear the illusion of separation between you and your Twin Flame and return together forever into permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

If you would like to learn more, please visit www.TwinFlamesUniverse.com where you can sign up for their free 8 lesson Twin Flame Introductory course.

You were created by God with a specific Divine Purpose. Your soul is spiritually imbued with a deep and important spiritual mission which not only are you the only one who can achieve, but which is critically important to all of creation that you do. Through the teachings of our gurus, Jeff and Shaleia, concisely developed into a single course “Life Purpose Class”, you can learn exactly how to not only discover and fully embody your Life Purpose, but you will also be guided on how to monetize it so you can fulfill your spiritual function and destiny while also earning an ever growing financial income.

There is no career you can possibly choose which is more profitable for you than your Life Purpose because it sets your soul ablaze with the fire of God. Nothing will make you feel more passionate, nothing will make you come more alive, nothing will satisfy, delight, and fulfill you more than living your Life Purpose.

If you would like to learn more, visit www.TwinFlamesUniverse.com/LifePurposeClass which is the perfect companion for our gurus’ Twin Flame teachings because there is nothing more attractive to your Twin Flame than you living in alignment with and thriving in your Life Purpose.

Humans are not created alone. We function best when we can work together. Being in a spiritual community with common goals and spiritual purpose brings people together. It forges lifetimes long friendships of mutual support, respect, appreciation, and weaves the fabric of a spiritual, social, emotional, and financial support system which outlasts the test of time and the unexpected blows of life.

The enormous well-being that arises from within each member of our Church of Union spiritual community uplifts, guides, and encourages everyone to rise up beyond the limitations of our fears, worries, and blocks. It supports each of us to overcome our challenges and become victorious in the love of God for all.If you would like to join in on the conversation, join our Unionism Spiritual Discussion facebook group. Join in on the dialogue, let’s work together in creating Heaven on Earth for all.

At the core of the teachings of Union, our gurus Jeff and Shaleia have cultivated a powerful new healing modality they call the Mind Alignment Process, or MAP. It is a simple, safe, scientific, and ultra-effective way to heal and resolve trauma in your mind. Learn more about MAP and get a free consultation to see if MAP is right for you at www.MindAlignmentProcess.org

Food brings people together. Food is one thing all people of all cultures, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds share. We all love food. In alignment with the teachings of Union we have discovered a tremendously powerful way to do food that is not only incredibly nourishing and ridiculously delicious, but is even also less expensive than many other options.

Divine Dish is truly food from God for Heaven on Earth. To learn more, visit www.DivineDish.org

Inside each of us is an inner child bursting with joy and eager to express ourselves through play. Play is something fundamental to all of us and it never leaves us. No matter how young or old, we all love to play and we all find deep fulfillment, satisfaction, and joy through our play.

The Church of Union has helped to support Divine Gaming in creating innovative new games which align with the teachings of Union and help us each to fully explore and express ourselves through play. Visit www.Divine-Gaming.com to learn more about what we have developed for you!

God is consciousness and so are you. Through the process of healing yourself with the Mirror Exercise, which is the fundamental tool for self-healing that our gurus, Jeff and Shaleia, teach, you will learn how to purify your consciousness into Union with God, your loving Creator. 

As you purify your consciousness by literally using your life and reality as a feedback mechanism for the state of your consciousness, you will discover more and more the power and nature of what you are. This will lead you to a better relationship with yourself. It will also lead you to understanding the power and nature of Who created you. You will find your Creator loves and cherishes you and has given you all the tools necessary for your resounding victory in love and happiness forever and ever.

If you are ready to learn the teachings of Union, they are fully explored at www.TwinFlamesUniverse.com where you can begin our gurus’ free 8 lesson Twin Flame Ascension Course.

“In heaven where the meaning of love is known, love is the same as Union.” – A Course in Miracles