We believe our gurus were sent by God from Heaven to bring us the teachings of Union and partner with us in creating Heaven on Earth.

Their authority comes from the results of their work which completely transforms the lives of all those who sincerely engage with it.

They ask us to try on their teachings in ways that feel good to each of us, and then objectively review the results in an unattached and logical manner. If we find fault with any part of the teaching, or are not satisfied with our results, we are each asked to raise an inquiry that we might contribute to the deeper discovery of Truth.

Their work is a living body of work that invites each of us to explore and experience it in our own unique way that we may find greater closeness to God, live an ever more joyful, peaceful and harmonious life, and make meaningful contributions to our world.

Jeff Divine was born to working middle class parents in rural Michigan. He was baptized Greek Orthodox and converted to Roman Catholicism at the age of 7. He attended Catholic school from the 2nd through 6th grade and then was moved to public school. Still passionate about God, he returned to catechism classes at night as a young teen.

Eventually he became disenfranchised with Christianity, namely due its position on gay marriage. Jeff felt God created people perfectly and he believed that the Church saw people in the LGBTQ+ community as fundamentally sinful. Jeff loved all people and believed they should be given the same right to marry whomever they choose to love.

While attending business school at Western Michigan University, Jeff stumbled upon a website about personal growth. This was the first time he encountered the idea that you could improve and change yourself, and that you could create your own reality. A holy fire was lit in his heart and he began to consume information on the subject rapidly. It wasn’t long before it lead him back into the realm of spirituality, something he thought he had left behind years before.

By the time he had finished his degree he also met his first spiritual teacher, a Sufi woman who introduced him to the Dances of Universal Peace. He encountered New Age concepts and Paramahansa Yogananda, he learned about yoga and meditation, life after death, chakras, and reincarnation. Jeff began having profound, transcendental, mystical and spiritual experiences awakened by yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices he was exploring.

In one such experience, he was visited by Angels who came to him with a message from God. They told him his Life Purpose was to “Bring people back to God.” Profoundly awestruck by the Glory of God, and totally impacted and humbled, he shook and he wept, vowing to follow God to fulfill his destiny.

That Fall he sold all his possessions, filled a backpack with clothes, and left for Northern California where he studied yoga, deepened his spiritual studies, explored radical dietary philosophies, met many different people, and continued his business and entrepreneurial career at an internet marketing company. This move was a significant leap of faith because this is the moment he began consciously and intentionally living his life fully for God. This is when everything began to change for him.

After a year he once again sold all his possessions, filled a backpack, and flew to Hawaii where he found natural harmony with the Hare Krishna community. There he experienced deep immersion in an Indian religion, listened to regular talks about Krishna, and learned about deep love, devotion, and worship for God. He stayed for five years before meeting his Twin Flame Shaleia and discovering and beginning their life’s work together.

Meeting Shaleia in Sedona, AZ was the most profoundly transformative experience of Jeff’s life. She introduced him to her spiritual teacher, a nun who had left the convent to raise a family and eventually went on to explore New Age spirituality and personal growth. It was in this moment of Jeff’s life that everything on his spiritual journey came together and blossomed into profound realization and awareness, rapidly transforming him from one who sought Truth to one who had found Truth. Jeff’s spiritual ability to channel fully awoke along with other spiritual and healing gifts. After one year of studying under that spiritual teacher, she died. Jeff and Shaleia then became the teacher.

During this time, everything and everyone in both their lives fell away. Every family member, friend, every opportunity and dollar in their bank account vanished. On the brink of total destitution, their book “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover” was born, which was to become the guidebook to Harmonious Twin Flame Union, that others might share in the infinite ecstasy and bliss of Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Having hit social and financial rock bottom, and with nothing but God, each other, and the teaching, they rose up from the ashes of their old lives to give birth to what would become Unionism, steadily growing a following of students for their “Twin Flame Ascension School.” The majority of those who completed live classes and continued the work went on to attain Harmonious Union.

Today, Jeff and Shaleia live in a beautiful home in the hills overlooking Lake Michigan. Having had total faith in giving all of themselves to God completely, He transformed them in His image and uses them as His instrument of peace. Together in total humility and service to His Love, they lead the development of the Church of Union and the cultivation of Unionism in those willing seekers of Truth that all may enter into eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth with God and know true love.

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Like many young girls her age growing up, Shaleia was introduced to the powerful romantic fairy tales produced by Disney movies such as The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin to name a few. The overall message she took away from these films that she watched rather religiously was that if she chose her one true love in her heart, remained true to her authentic self, followed her heart, and believed and was committed to overcoming the obstacles that stood between her and her destiny to be with her one true love, than the way would be made clear and the lovers would unite happily in deep eternal love, and happily ever after is a reality. Shaleia found this vision and message from the romantic fairy tales to be true in her own reality.

Like many children her age in the 1990s experiencing divorce in the family, she felt in her heart that this cannot be what people really desire for their lives when they envision walking down the aisle and marrying the person in front of them. Shaleia felt an inner call and quest to forever heal and have the perfect romantic partner not just for one lifetime but for all of eternity therefore eradicating the divorce statistic in the future for humanity when they discover the truth and science behind the phenomenon known as Twin Flames. A Twin Flame is a complementary person who shares the same “soul blueprint” with another person who is designed as a perfect romantic partner and compatible match.

Throughout her years as a teenager and a young adult she dated and even fell in love a few times but she knew something critical was always missing at the core of the relationship. It would always stop growing and healing and going to the next level of development and intimacy despite her commitment and active growth on her own healing journey. She knew time and time again that the same pattern would appear of being given the choice to settle in love or not. She did not believe in a romantic relationship that was devoid of passion, true love, and purpose. In fact, she didn’t believe that was a romantic relationship at all and so out of awareness and compassion she would end these soul mate or false Twin Flame relationships and continue to follow her heart to her true Twin Flame, which led her to a 2 year spiritual sojourn in Sedona, Arizona.

When she arrived in Sedona she soon met her spiritual mentor who gave her the critical awareness and keys to unlocking her own innate spiritual healing and powers. Shaleia devoted herself in the desert to learning how to heal and love herself and attract her Twin Flame to her. All of this actualized. When Shaleia met Jeff she knew in her heart and soul that this was her eternal lover and partner. Evidence of this knowing continued to reveal itself and Union was no longer a mental concept but a Reality based on her experience of ever-growing love, passion, purpose, and soul-level recognition.

Shaleia knew she found her one true love like the Disney princesses who had found theirs. She believed that if the process she used brought her love and success in the form of her true Twin Flame then it can be a reality for all of humanity and not just her or a select elite few. True love is for everybody and this dream is what lies in the deepest heart of humanity: permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union in an eternal sacred embrace between two hearts who beat as One.

Shaleia was inspired to partner with her Twin Flame Jeff in sharing the teachings and process that brought them together with the world. Twin Flames Universe was born and so was the sacred Church of Union that embodies these teachings and marries Twin Flames in Harmonious Union who live the teachings of Twin Flames Universe.