Thank you for your interest in supporting Unionism financially. We work extremely hard to fully honor every cent donated and take very seriously the responsibility of fully respecting your donations.

We work diligently to cultivate an environment of deep trust, where you can rest assured your donations are being invested wisely into the expansion of Unionism that all people may have access to these teachings. The teachings of Union have the power to create and are actively building Heaven on Earth. You can be assured that this is a safe investment for your financial resources and assets.

Our goal is to forge an eternal financial relationship with you where you see, know, and feel the enormous benefits you get from supporting the Church of Union through tithing, regular donations, asset pledges, and individual donations. Even just a few dollars here and there can make all the difference. We desire for you to feel good about your donations and know that your support makes the construction and growth of Heaven on Earth possible

If you are financially stable, we recommend a tithe of 10% net income before taxes. If this does not feel good to you, using a different percentage or making regular donations of an amount of your choosing on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis might be a better option for you. If you do not feel financially stable enough to commit yourself to regularly scheduled donations, perhaps you’ll find the most peace and joy in donations whenever you have some extra that feels good for you to invest in creating Heaven on Earth.

Having a healthy financial relationship with the Church of Union puts you in a position for God to use you as His financial instrument, and so He is even more compelled to prosper you financially. It also generates strong positive karma for you, not just financially, but spiritually too. The Law of Reciprocity states that whatever you give must return to you, often multiplied. Giving to the Church of Union is investing in an eternal spiritual foundation that you can return to day after day, year after year, lifetime after lifetime. Just because you can’t take your money and assets with you doesn’t mean you can’t invest into something that you can.

We hope that we can help you to nurture a beautiful, healthy, wonderful feeling financial relationship with the Church of Union so you can feel good sharing in an everlasting and growing financial vibration of prosperity.