Why Donate?

In October we collectively raised $56,634.47 in donations for our Church! We would like to thank the following individuals for donating to the Church of Union during the month of June. Your contribution helps support the operations of our Church. The Church of Union is dedicated to extending the teachings of Love and Unionism to the entire world, creating Heaven on Earth for all.

With much gratitude,

The Church of Union Ministries

Our Monthly Goal




Abeer Nagi

Adam and Breann

Aldyn Richmond

Carmel Murphy Pollard

Christine Kiout

Colby and Keely Lang

Daniel and Cristina

Deb Bassow

Fabian Scholz

Gabe and Briana

Jason and Chrissy

Jeff and Shaleia

Jose and Michaila

Josh and Leesie

Laurentiu and Alexandra Benzar

Mark and Carina

Nicole Desiree

Sandra Batista

Silvia Takacs

November Angel Donors:

Abeer Nagi

Alexandra and Laurentiu

Anna Bailey

Aubrey Wise

Carmel and Ruofan

Carmen Baack

Christina Puhl

Christine Kiout

Colby and Keely

Fabian Scholz

Jason and Chrissy

Julia Martin-Woodbridge

Kai Pfaff

Kayla Axworthy

Mark and Carina

Stephanie Stahl

Sydney Jones

* Guardians are those who tithe 10% of their total monthly income to the Church of Union.

All-Time Donation Tiers: The Council of Union

$5,000 “Star Seed”

1. Colby and Keely

2. Fabian Scholz

3. Gabe and Briana

4. Laurentiu and Alex

5. Leesie Mappes

6. Mark and Carina

$10,000 “Mother Earth”

1. Sandra Batista

2. Jason and Chrissy

3. Jeff and Shaleia

$50,000 “Noble Spirit”

$100,000 “Knight of Love”

$500,000 “Royal Soul”

$1M “Emperor of Harmony”

$10M “Saint of Heaven and Earth”

$1B “Archangel of Union”


Donating to the Church of Union is a choice made with the heart. It is a symbol of the truth of your partnership with your Creator. Money is a form of energy and love, and giving funds is giving love. It is a statement of unity with the cause of the Church of Union, supporting its mission to bring the teaching of Union to the world. Giving should never feel like a hardship, and should only be done as an act of joy, surrendering all fear and doubt. Giving is receiving, and when you give, you also receive. Jeff and Shaleia teach us that God gives back to us much more than what we give. You may choose to give what feels good to you.

To deepen your commitment and relationship with the Church, consider tithing. Tithing means taking ten percent off the top of your earnings from the previous month and giving it to God through His Divine Organization in the Church. Monthly tithing not only supports the Church by allowing the flow of funds to be regular in order to calculate expenses and continue particular services, but tithing also makes a powerful statement to the Universe. Like attracts like, and when you give to God, you are saying to Him that you acknowledge and choose the Truth that you have limitless abundance, since you have God’s abundance. Tithing is the symbol that reflects this truth. Tithing should also never feel like a hardship. However, if you are experiencing extreme difficulty living at 90% of your income, then consider that something may be off in your financial vibration and choose to heal.

The Church of Union is run by an all-volunteer staff. The expenses are determined by a Board of Directors as per what is needed most by the Church. Current expenses include video hosting services, video editing programs, content production equipment, and a small monthly salary to our ministers, Jeff and Shaleia, so that they can continue to provide us with excellent sermons each week.

We are ever grateful for your contribution and thank you for visiting and sharing the Church with us.

Church of Union Board of Directors