We, as Unionists, believe total inclusion of all people is the key to resolving social conflicts between differences of color, culture, religion, socio-economic status, political viewpoints, etc. Oneness is the basic spiritual principle we harmonize with when each of us is offered unconditional acceptance and inclusion not only regardless of our differences, but because of them. Diversity creates strength and when we honor the uniqueness that each and every person brings forth, we set the stage for Heaven on Earth.

The bonds we forge through dialogue become stronger with each issue raised and resolved. Using the transformative healing power of the Mirror Exercise, we are healing separation between people and uncovering the Truth of what actually rests between each and every person in Creation; unconditional love.

On a regular basis, Unionists are meeting to discuss and heal the illusion of separation between us in the context of these social issues. We aim to fully resolve all conflict in these areas completely by leveraging the healing power of the teachings of Union. In doing so we not only test the efficacy of Unionism, we establish the mighty and unstoppable power of love to resolve all suffering.

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As Unionists, we believe that our true connection lies not in focusing on the external differences, but in seeing the truth of our Unity and connectedness, irrespective of race. Each of our racial identities and cultures contributes to the fullness of life and human experience, and therefore is something to be celebrated and honored, instead of diminished.

We believe that the Oneness of humanity transcends any perceived racial separation.

“When just one person is oppressed, then we’re all oppressed” – Shaleia

‘Why Black Lives Matter’ is our weekly Live discussion where we heal the core upsets related to racism within ourselves. Using the teachings of Union, we claim our true Divine power and identity as we recognize that racial and cultural separation is an illusion.

We believe in the power of this work and have the desire to extend a complete solution to racial unrest for the whole of consciousness. By healing and claiming our Divinity, we accept that we are equal and One in God, thus healing the core of racial separation.

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We believe that all people are created perfectly by God, including LGBTQ+ people. We actively cultivate an environment of unconditional love and acceptance where each person is fully welcomed and supported in exploring their own gender and sexual identity.

Through our extensive work in the subject of Twin Flames, we believe each person is created as either 100% masculine or 100% feminine with an Eternal Divine Complement of the opposite sexual polarity. If you do not believe this about yourself, we warmly support you in exploring the sexual polarity or polarities you find within yourself. We have found once you find and fully embrace your polarity, from that arises great confidence, clarity, and peace which form the basis of your identity.

We believe the honest and open exploration of our own sexual identity and polarity cultivates understanding and gives rise to tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion. Through our regular, live, recorded discussions, we aim to leverage the unconditional healing power of the teachings of Union to breach the barriers to unconditional love and acceptance within ourselves, together. We believe this paves the way for unified global acceptance and understanding of the sexual identities of all people everywhere that we might all find God’s Peace here.

Join in on the discussion and view our videos HERE.