Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Do you sometimes push your feelings away in order not to feel them completely? Do you wonder how you can achieve happiness and deal with the constant ups and downs in your life?

We’ve been taught that being happy is the ideal, but we are not taught how to achieve that state of happiness, nor how to deal with moments of unhappiness. As we don’t know how to process our feelings, we tend to push them away and put on a mask with which we go through life hiding our true Divine self. The Teachings of Union teaches us how to go through those feelings, how to process them and how to consider them as inner guidance towards more self Love in our lives. They teach us that we always have the choice to feel our feelings. They provide us the tools to expand beyond depression, anger, sadness, and fear. To transform the pain into Love. Walking this path of embracing our feelings allows us to grow up spiritually. It is the right and perfect way towards enlightenment, and a beautiful, fulfilling life in Union with God.