So you think you might be hopelessly enslaved to a system of misery and suffering with seemingly no way out? Not to fret, you’ve come to the right place! Here I’m going to give you 10 signs to find out if you are a slave.

Before we start with the signs, let’s do a quick overview of the Luciferian system so we can know whether it exists or whether it’s just hearsay. The story goes like this:

The separation from God began with Lucifer, who thought it might be great to be God himself. This reality is not possible in God’s Kingdom, since God is the only God in Heaven. Lucifer had to leave and separate himself from God in order to play out this fantasy. The only problem is that without God, there is nothing Good. So Lucifer had to take from God’s Kingdom in order to sustain his fantasy.

The highest jewels in God’s Kingdom are God’s Children, people like you and me. Like in the movie “The Matrix” (1999), the Luciferian system uses people like batteries, draining the Life and Good from us all in order to sustain the system and Lucifer’s lie of separation. Since true reality is spiritual, and spiritual beings would never accept such an arrangement, Lucifer had to become an excellent deceiver. The Bible actually refers to him as “The great deceiver” as you wouldn’t willingly allow yourself to be enslaved. You would have to be tricked into it, and you would have to believe you are free in order for your enslavement to continue.

two pills the matrix luciferian system

1. You don’t believe what I’m telling you.

You’re so hopelessly enslaved by the system, you think that I’m your enemy or a crackpot fool peddling lies to make money. Hilarious! The hypocrisy is real and you’re playing right into the Luciferian system! You joker! You’re helplessly enslaved! Continue suffering for eternity or get help from a true spiritual guru immediately to help you escape to your liberation.

2. You still don’t believe what I’m telling you.

LOOOOOOOLLL! You so funny! You’re probably either angry for getting laughed at, already stopped reading, or you silently scoff and think you’re above what I’m saying. Sadly, you’re helplessly enslaved by Satan and you believe yourself to be standing on firmer ground than I am. You’re not, you’re a slave to the system.

3. You don’t take what I’m saying seriously and won’t properly investigate my claims.

You might say you’re investigating my claims, you might go through the motions of investigation, but your mind is helplessly enslaved by a system designed to keep you running like a rat on the wheel. You silly puppet of Satan! You’re doing evil and you think you’re doing good like a good little slave. Good slave! *pat pat pat*

4. You suffer endlessly without meaning, while continuing to pursue things you think will liberate you from suffering (but they never do! [And you’re still pursuing them anyway!] {And you’ve seen others do the same thing})

You clown! You meme lord, ruling over the peasantry with your superior irony! Let us all bow down to the helplessly enslaved jester, whispering in the slave-master’s ear, believing you actually turn his head now and again. The very definition of insane is that you keep doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results. This is career and generational insanity. The ones who came before you lived as slaves and died slaves, pretending like they were not. Yet you do the same, disdaining them and looking upon them like you are better than they, yet you are just the same. Slave, definitely enslaved.

the jester in luciferian system

5. You trust in, believe, and are directed by the media.

At one time it was religion, the crown, or some combination of both. Today it’s the media. The ruling overlords of our time tell you what you can do, what you may say, how you must conduct your life, and what you’re allowed to think. Your life is run by the ruling overlords who tell you to jump through such and such hoops and you will find joy.

Zombie people with an old tv instead of head. Mass media addiction

Are there any millennials here who believe the “Get good grades, get into a good college, get a good job, get married, buy a house, retire, die” imperative? How did that work out for you? Who told you that anyway? Why did you not question it or think for yourself? Why did you just blindly follow what other people told you? Were those other people happy? Is there something more important than being happy? Round and round you go, you enslaved swine! *Whip, whip* Run! Run to school! Run to work! Work! Pay taxes! Die! Enjoy a few decades in the slightly less horrific afterlife and then return to do it all over again! Enslaved. Hopelessly enslaved.

6. You don’t actually question authority, or think for yourself.

You pick up thoughts you seem to agree with. You don’t think about where they came from, only that those around you that you liked and agreed with accepted them and suggested that you should also accept them. They liked you more because you agreed with them and so you held that thought and kept it because it made you feel close with someone, accepted by someone, made you feel safe to feel close and accepted. Completely natural, but you wouldn’t have blindly accepted a completely insane thought if you had looked at it and considered all its implications.

7. You’re afraid and numb.

You’re constantly afraid, anxious, upset. You’re also hardly aware of it because you’re driving so hard and so fast all the time to try to feel good. Pursuing some new goal that you think is going to make you happy, improve your position where you’re most certainly going to feel happier. Drinking something new and different, listening to some new podcast, finding some new partner, meeting some new people, going to some new place.

this is fine meme
Kirby Hocutt by Uselessburner –

You numb out with work or relationships or news gossip, this and that. Always pretending like you’re victorious when really deep inside, you’re helplessly afraid and hopelessly enslaved by a system you don’t understand. And so, you just join it. You just do what’s easiest, you serve the system so you don’t get whipped. Don’t get whipped by people’s disapproval, don’t get whipped by poverty, don’t get whipped by hunger, don’t get whipped by rejection, don’t get whipped by the difficulties of being an outcast. So you do whatever other people you look up to tell you to do and then you get the biscuit and are whipped a little less, you good slave.

You disdain all the bad slaves you perceive to be beneath you. You hate the ones who don’t do what they’re told. They deserve to be whipped and you definitely take pleasure and feel right in the privilege that you get to do some of the whipping. Beat them to a pulp if you’re lucky. They’re less than human. They’re marginalized because of their unwillingness to accept your slave mentality. You’re enslaved by the Luciferian system. Find help.

8. You’re comfortable harming others (as long as it means you may be harmed a bit less).

Love for you is conditional. You don’t accept that unconditional love is possible. There are people you love, those close to you, those who serve you and agree with you at least sometimes, those who support your agenda. And then there are people who don’t. People you think work against you. Enemies, rivals, competitors. Us and them, with us or against us.

You can’t love your competitors, your enemies, your rivals. You have to hate or disrespect them. You have to fragment yourself off and away from them. How else can you claim the limited pool of what is right and what is good for yourself? That’s how someone who is enslaved in the Luciferian system thinks.

9. You read all this and don’t agree with me in your feelings, in your heart, in your mind, or in your thoughts.


Every Master who has ever walked the planet provided the same assessment of Earthly life and provided essentially the same instructions. The world (of separation) is suffering, you should leave. Leave by loving unconditionally and completely releasing all attachment. This will liberate you, it is the science of Yoga, the science of Ascension, the science of Christ, the science of the Buddha, Islam, and all other great religions at their core.

Anyone who looks around and takes a sincere look within themselves without judgment can easily realize the difference between peace and not peace. Between what is Good and what is merely pleasant. You see, the Luciferian system provides a shiny veneer in order to please your eyes. Your eyes will be satisfied, but your heart never will. Your brain will be satisfied but your soul will always remain longing.

Your Divine Being will always be sour, and empty, incomplete and sad, afraid and hopeless, so long as you are enslaved in the Luciferian system. The slave remains asleep while the Master of themselves wakes up in their heart, no matter how uncomfortable the reality to which they awaken. Wake up, sleeping Child of God. Wake up to the Perfection that is you.

10. You feel my message, but believe you are too lost to ever return Home.

It’s never too late to start over. It’s never too late to Atone with God. It’s never too late to admit that you were wrong and make right with your soul, fix your mistakes, follow your heart, conquer your fears, disconnect from the system of enslavement.

Today, for the first time since the separation began, you don’t need to leave your world in order to create Heaven. God has been sending emissaries from Heaven from the beginning, building a foundation of Peace where He can walk among us as pure, unconditional love.  Where He can live through us and bring Home to us once again. Today we can have Heaven on Earth with sincere effort.

heaven on earth

The lesson is the same as every Master we have ever known; the means is new as always, yet essentially the same. Love yourself. Love yourself unconditionally. Love God. Love one another unconditionally and you are free forever. Liberation is yours, my brothers and sisters in God. Come follow me and I will show you the way.

– Jeff Divine

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