Solitude. Isolation. What feelings do these words invoke in you? Do you look forward to spending time alone, or do you avoid it? Many of us in the world today are experiencing isolation due to the Coronavirus pandemic- a drastic change of pace from the rapid movement and constant busyness that we have grown so accustomed to. Could this time of isolation actually be good for us? In this week’s Sunday Service, Jeff and Shaleia share with us five juicy tips for using solitude to our greatest benefit. We find out that in truth, this is a time of great healing and rest. Shaleia opens up about what she does with her time in solitude and allows us to see how we can harness the power of peace to optimize our productivity and in turn, gain total satisfaction in every aspect of our lives. This very nurturing discourse on isolation will change the way you look at your life as you ground deeper into the peace within your own presence.