Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Have you ever tried a new exercise routine or diet but couldn’t sustain it and wondered why? Then this week’s sermon is for you! Learn what Divine Health really means and how you can easily claim a rich, healthy and abundant life starting from today!

Who doesn’t desire to be fit, healthy, and feeling energized every day? So many of us start on a new health program with the very best intentions only to find that we soon give up or can’t maintain our new routine. This week we explore reasons why looking after our health can feel so difficult and what we can do to cultivate a holistic approach that we can continue to expand upon. Now you too can truly claim a new relationship with Divine Health that you can build and expand upon in a way that feels good and easy to maintain. After all, what you give to yourself is what you will receive. So, are you ready to choose your rich, healthy, and rewarding life today?