Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Do you feel you have profound desires, but you don’t know how to pursue them? Do you feel incapable of manifesting the life of your dreams and your Perfect Union with your Twin Flame? Let’s listen to Adam and Breann’s visa journey experience. It’s very enlightening about faith, trust, and perseverance!

With the Teachings of Union, we learn that if we have a desire in our heart, the object our desire is already ours and our job is to manifest it in our reality. This means we need to clear the blocks in our consciousness that prevents us from fully experiencing our good, here and now. That’s why Jeff and Shaleia have created the Mirror Exercise, which is the tool that permits us to heal our consciousness. This leads to enjoying every situation that pops up in our daily lives. As we start applying the Mirror Exercise on a daily basis, we learn by experience that our feelings are the doorway to our consciousness and desires. Our feelings are the best inner guide to help us manifest our Perfect Life in Harmonious Union with our Twin Flame.