Another hypocrisy slams society as the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) eliminates a critical civil liberty in America. Perhaps the rest of the world will take the high road, shaking their heads in compassion at the sadness in the States. But what of the increasing societal bifurcation? Maybe it will get better, but it will get worse before it does, and what of the lost time spent suffering?

The Supreme Court did not pick a good time to open up a sensitive wound in America, emotions are already at an all-time high and mental health an all-time low. Why now? Why not allow the world to heal? When will we have peace? Never, the answer is never. This world does not know peace and it will never know peace, a new way must be taken in order to find real peace.

They’re asking you to stand up and fight for your rights, or to stand in your “righteousness” and look down upon the inferior and *wrong* point of view of “the other side” depending on which side of the political aisle you currently stand. But what will the fight bring you except more fighting? How is fighting against your neighbor, your brother, your friend, your teacher, your doctor, your mother going to solve anything?

And more importantly, why are you being asked to fight against your neighbor? Why? How does that solve anything? I know many of you are upset and angry right now. You feel betrayed. Economic lies, collapse, upheaval. Political unrest. Racism, divisive and irresponsible media whose sole purpose is to extract money and increase bipartisanship through its fundamental tenets of “journalism.” War, pandemic, global warming, energy crisis, inflation, the Great Resignation, population decline… On and on and on it goes…

Is anyone else tired of all this? How can you look upon this and feel empowered? How can you see this world and live a joyful life of participation and engagement? Aren’t you supposed to feel a sense of hope to want to engage? What hope is there except ages and ages of fighting with one another in order to potentially extract some temporary rights which will obviously be eroded away through impetuousness and expediency? Some new emotional upheaval, which is easily manipulated and stoked by the media and political industry, will eventually come and tear away everything we have built collectively through ages of this fighting.

women marching against suffering and for civil rights

Why? Why can’t we seem to agree or build anything? It’s because the game is rigged from the start to perpetuate this suffering. And it’s not some shadowy, old-money family behind the curtain pulling all the strings. It’s not some Illuminati secret society running the show throughout the ages, playing both sides of the field to maintain control and extract benefit. The game of thrones is being played by those with power, sometimes they win and sometimes they do lose. No one remains on top forever. All great powers have risen and fallen throughout history. No group of people or individual on Earth, or in history is behind it all, a spiritual institution is.

women supporting each other

That spiritual institution is ego. Ego causes us to fight with one another to extract gains from one another. Ego causes us to feel hopeless and helpless. Ego destroys everything we build. Ego prevents us from feeling close to one another, from feeling secure, from growing in joy, in life, in prosperity. Ego prevents us from Union with one another, from loving one another. Ego keeps the whole system turning in this way; an endless, endless cycle of suffering.

My fellow humans, this suffering does not end. Pick a side, hope you’re on the winning team. Karma will ensure eventually you’ll be the loser again because what you take from another you must also lose from yourself. There are only brief periods of relief, if you’re lucky, before the next cycle of misery continues because the ego is never satisfied and we have built our world upon it. It is only when we eliminate ego completely that we can have peace on Earth, can have joy, can have happiness. That happiness is shared, it’s not something we have separately. Joy is only real when it’s shared. You cannot have peace alone.

Ego is a spiritual concept, it’s a thought system derived from a belief in separation from our Creator. It’s the idea that God is not the Central Source in Creation, but something else is. Something outside of us is where we extract our resources and joy. Union is the opposite idea. Unionism is a thought system of love. It’s the idea that God is the Central Source in Creation and that our joy is found in Union with God, and that is found within.

Ego is separation, Godlessness, our Source outside of us. Unionism is Union with God, our Source, within us. Unionism is a new name for a timeless, eternal system of thought shared at the core of all loving religion. It’s the name we have given for the thought system of Love Itself, which is no different than God, our Source.

All suffering is derived from separation from our Source. You suffer when you do not get what you need when you need it. There must be a constant flow of Good in all ways in order for you to be perfectly happy. When we are receiving Good, then we are happy. When we are not receiving our Good, then we are not happy. You cannot possibly satisfy every need perfectly on time without God, thus you will suffer always. This you can absolutely count on with ego as the foundation of your thought system.

woman vainquishes suffering

If you have never given thought to your thought system, pulled it apart, experimented with it, been honestly willing to see it without attachment, and you were born on Earth, ego is your thought system. If you suffer at the core of your being, ego is your core thought system. If you do not have a guru extending their Perfect thought system to you, then ego is your thought system.

Humans are no different in the sense that at any stage of development they can be likened to babies who are, or are not getting their mothers’ milk when they are hungry. Hungry babies not getting milk will cry until their needs are met. Hungry babies getting their mothers’ milk and love are satisfied, happy. The Good necessary to satisfy their immediate needs is flowing.

If you live in a world based on ego, or separation from your eternal Source, you might think “What happens when the baby is satisfied with their meal? Maybe they will get gassy. How can you prevent that? Then they will be unhappy and uncomfortable. Total peace is not possible.”

You are wrong. All the baby needs for gassiness is their mother’s love. Their mother must be loved and supported in order to be there completely for her baby and love the baby. Her society must love and support her. In order for her society to love and support her completely, it must be loved completely. But our society does not act like it is loved completely, even though it is.

It is loved by God, our Perfect Source, Who provides for our every need in every moment perfectly. God is a spiritual Source providing the spiritual sustenance we need in every moment always. Every need we have, God meets it spiritually. When we learn to tune into our Perfect Source, we will find we always have everything we need.

woman free from suffering

If you live with a world-view of separation, based on ego, you will think what I am saying is not possible. You’ll always be right from your perspective if you maintain that thought system. You will not believe in God nor make use of a relationship with God as your Source. You don’t need to believe blindly, but you do need to be willing to explore a different thought system, because clearly the world’s thought system is not working for you.

Fight a little or a lot more, I promise you once the fighting ceases, a new battle will arise. Pandemic coming to a conclusion? Racism! Rioting! Existential imperial crisis, war. Celebrity trial. Abortion rights eroded. On and on and on it goes. And you’re never, ever going to be happy. Don’t you even consider appearing like you’re happy unless you’re fighting and beating the pulp out of the opposing side where your brother stands. He’s WRONG and you’re RIGHT! It’s us vs. them and ego is the only victor. Ego always wins when you fight and ego has fashioned you into its enemy. It will never be satisfied until you cease to exist. This is the thought system of evil.

choosing light and good over evil

It’s good vs. evil and a spiritual war for the heart of humanity and you must take a side. It would appear the whole world is on the side of ego, but that’s not true. You’re blinded to the reality that ego is a tiny spec of trash in an endless ocean of Divinity because you’re in the middle of the trash. It’s time to get out.

Ego is evil because it destroys Life. Unionism is good because it brings and expands Life. Evil is anything that destroys or prevents Life. Life is Love from God. If you don’t understand this fully, don’t worry. It’s a spiritual concept that will be understood in layers as you awaken your consciousness from fear.

Fear, or separation from God, or ego, numbs your mind to the reality of God to the point where it’s almost impossible to believe in a God Who loves you and provides for every need in your heart, Who can and will satisfy you completely. Who will bring you eternal peace and brotherhood, and all the joys that life can offer. Love, wealth, happiness, purpose, meaning, success, romance… There’s nothing that is Good that God does not provide completely. There is nothing that is Good that ego can provide.

You came here looking for a way out, we have it. It is Unionism, which is the term to describe your most essential nature in its natural state of being. Let us help you return to that place within you. Let us show you the way out of suffering and into Union with God forever and ever.

Escape this hateful place of eternal suffering. Build a new humanity with us, one where people love each other and where a dialogue of mutual respect and understanding is at the foundation of shared progress. Where communication about uncomfortable and difficult subjects is natural and where all perspectives come together for the benefit of all involved. Where problems are completely resolved through sincere effort and solutions are built upon in order to bring progress for everyone.

community in heaven without suffering

Come join us in a place where you matter, where all of you matter. Come join us in a place where your dreams and desires and goals are nurtured by the collective and your victories are celebrated. Come join us in a place where you can look upon the suffering of the world with compassion while you live in a reality of peace, where all the tomorrows to come are absolutely certain to be better than all of the wonderful days which have come to pass. Where God meets your every need and provides for your soul’s eternal sustenance the living waters of the fountain of Life, where your thirst will be quenched forever and ever.

The price is that you must leave behind the thought system of sickness and come learn from us. Come help develop here on Earth the thought system of Union. Unionism is the thought system of Love, it is Heaven on Earth at last. The time has come to create a new Earth based on the eternal principles of peace. Will you join us and take part in the most important thing in humanity’s history?

In Heaven where the meaning of Love is known, Love is the same as Union.