About Us

Welcome to the Church of Union

All are welcome to be here with us in Love. We invite you to explore our weekly Sunday Services, guided meditations, oracle card readings, and divinely healed music. All of this is here to support you on your spiritual journey and continuously guide you deeper into your Heaven on Earth.

Unionism, the religion of the Church of Union (COU), evolves from the foundational spiritual teachings brought to the world from all the great messengers that have come before: Moses, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed, and many others. It also builds upon principles taught by A Course in Miracles, Yogananda’s body of work, and other spiritual texts based in Truth. At the core of our faith are the Divine Revelations that Jeff and Shaleia provide to the world. We invite you to open your heart and your mind to being an avid learner of Love with us. 

The Church of Union is the Church of Love

“In Heaven where the meaning of Love is known, Love is the same as Union.” 

– A Course in Miracles 

Union is another word for Love. The Church of Union is really the Church of Love, and its job is simply to love people. On Earth, it can seem that almost everything is going in the opposite direction of Love, but not the Church of Union. The Church of Union moves only in the direction of Heaven, and it teaches us the way to move our lives in the direction olof Heaven, too. The COU is ultimately bringing the teaching of Perfect Union with Love to the world.

The Core Teachings of Unionism:

  • Seek Truth above all else and develop a personal relationship with your Creator. 
  • You have a Twin Flame, designed by God as your Perfect Partner, Best Friend, Ultimate Lover, and Greatest Teacher. You and your Twin Flame are meant to be together in this world and in this lifetime for the purpose of Ascension, which is Union with God. 
  • You have a Divine Life Purpose. The process of Ascension is that of undoing all the fears and illusions you may have to attaining all your heart’s desire. It is about living your life in harmony with that which you love doing, so you may enjoy serving God and partnering with Him. 
  • You and your Twin Flame are designed to live your lives as One, together in harmony with your Divine Life Purpose. 
  • Your inner healing is essential. Self-realization and purification occurs through the scientifically-based process of inner work that Jeff and Shaleia teach. The Mirror Exercise is the foundational tool for this process. Every upset you heal within yourself as a Unionist lays another brick in building your personal Heaven on Earth.
  • You can transmute, rather than transcend, the illusory world (Maya) by accepting the Truth that all reality is One with God’s reality. There is no separation between the spiritual and material world. Ascension and Union with God mean living in the world, not apart from it. This is what is meant by experiencing your Heaven on Earth. 
  • You have a right to your Heaven. Heaven is Union with God and with Love. It is your birthright, simply by the fact that you exist and are reading these words. Separation is denial of this Truth; the choice to believe in the illusion that you are separate from God and Love. The Truth of Heaven is powerful and denies ego’s false belief that it has a “right to choose” separation. It is actually a belief that holds zero power, and can put up no real barriers to the everlasting Peace of God’s Holy Kingdom.

Will you join us in creating Heaven on Earth, raising yourself up into Holy Communion with your Father, the Most High? Will you join us in spiritual liberation by choosing Love at every juncture and every step, so that you may discover for yourself that everlasting Peace is all that exists?  Will you help us create a place where dreams come true? A place of healing for your brother, who offered you separation, to be seen without his delusion? The lies he speaks in Truth never really existed, and are merely swept away because they hold no meaning in the reality of Love.

How Do I Know if I’m a Unionist?

You are a Unionist if you feel in your heart that you can accept the above words as Truth and choose to commit to them. You do not have to call yourself a Unionist to be a member of the community or participate in our activities, but making the choice in your heart is taking a deeper step with God in faith, and will galvanize the focus of your Ascension. 

Can I be a Unionist and a Christian/Islamist/Buddhist etc?

Yes. Unionism accepts, welcomes, complements, and expands upon all other true religions, spiritual practices or studies. 

Are there any requirements for joining the Church?

No. However, if you feel in your heart that you are a Unionist, you will want to become a member of the community, and join your brothers and sisters on the path and collaborate with them on creative projects, drawing every closer in loving fellowship. The Church is the Community. 

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