Through the generosity of our community members, we can continue to fulfill our vision for a world healed of separation from God. A world where every single person is loved, supported, and thriving.

Our Discussion Groups

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Black Lives Matter

Our Black Lives Matter discussion group has been running since 7/7/20, and was prompted by the [DATE] Sermon “Why Black Lives Matter”. The intention is to heal racism from within the collective consciousness of humanity.

LGBTQ+ Community

The 4/05/20 Sunday Service “Does God Love Gay People?” inspired our ongoing discussion on LGBTQ+ issues in relation to faith and Twin Flames.

Soul Café

The Soul Café discussion aims to unite people from all different religious backgrounds: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Paganism, et c.


Part 48 of the Black Lives Matter Discussion Group explores the LGBTQ+ People of Color Narrative.

Twin Flame Weddings

The Chruch of Union deeply values Twin Flame marriage as the foundation of one’s eternal life. Your Twin Flame is your perfect partner, ultimate lover, and closest friend. As your divine mirror, your Twin Flame is the best, most suitable teacher for you.

Our community’s contributions help us support those desiring their Harmonious Twin Flame Union all the way there. To marry your Twin Flame in the Church of Union means to ground this holy connection, and bring it to Earth.


The first ever physical Harmonious Twin Flame Union wedding by the Church of Union will be held in Sedona, AZ in October 2021.

The Mind Alignment Process: Healing Trauma At The Core

MAP is a healing modality whereby conversation is used to go to your trauma and resolve it in one session. The MAP practitioner guides you into your trauma utilizing flashbacks, the earliest flashbacks, the most potent flashbacks. The MAP practitioner moves you through your flashbacks into a state of relief, so that you no longer feel emotionally charged when you think of a memory or experience.

MAP recipients are reporting their trauma symptoms are improved in 100% of cases and after 1 year, 95% of MAP recipients say they are completely trauma free.

“In the following days after my session, I felt a weight lifted off me. I felt lighter and more peaceful. Life felt easier and I had so much clarity. The dream flashbacks did not return and neither did any of the others. It’s now been a few weeks since my session and I just feel completely unbreakable and stronger than ever before. I feel untouchable from fear and a deeper sense of peace and harmony with myself that I had yearned for, for so long.”

Sama A.

My life felt stagnant and I was increasingly feeling feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness. I didn’t feel like myself anymore. It was miserable.

My second MAP session was as powerful as my first. It amazes me how quickly and easily I can release deeply held trauma’s that I have been struggling with for decades. MAP is the solution that everyone has been looking for when it comes to trauma- it is truly the most efficient and effective way to heal your trauma completely.”

Soraya A.

Healing The World’s Relationship With Food Through Divine Dish

Divine Dish’s mission is to help everyone deepen their relationship with food & their body. You won’t ever have to worry about not eating enough, binge eating or malnourishment. Divine Dish provides you with professional chef curated gourmet quality meals that you can cook for yourself and your family. When you invest in Divine Dish you will only ever feel spiritually, mentally, physically & emotionally fulfilled by your food.

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