Opening Prayer

I am the only child of God, forever part of Him.

I am created by Him in Perfection, and there I always remain.

My mind is my sanctuary where I keep His Holy Creation sacred.

I will only allow in His Voice. I will only accept His Word.

Today I will hear the Word of God.

I surrender myself to His Teachings through His Divine Channel.

I will honor what He has spoken and accept it as His Will.

I will be obedient to His Word, for this is my Salvation.

In Christ’s Name, Om Amen.

Closing Prayer

Father, I accept Your Word into my heart.

I will honor Your Will in my life and will follow You

without hesitation anywhere You ask.

I know you guide me into Your Heart, where I belong.

I accept that You are everywhere, and your teaching is in all things.

God, I know you provide me clarity in this teaching of

Union that I may be forever in Union with you.

I accept that You are in me as You are in my brother.

I will not deny my brother Your Word and will share

Your Teaching with Him in any way You ask, and only as

You ask.

For when I share my salvation with him, I fully claim my

salvation and return to You with him.

In Christ’s Name, Om Amen.

Speaking this prayer in your heart means you have accepted that you are on the path of awakening to your true Divine nature. This is what it means to be a Unionist. Follow the teachings of Union with God wherever you find them and purify your consciousness into Perfect Union with your Creator.