Twin Flame Romance Report: UNLEASHED

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Section 1.

Harmonious Union

The following section indicates the true vibrational set point at the heart of your Union in the moment your Romance Report: UNLEASHED was channeled. This is reflected equally in both you and your Twin Flame. Sometimes your Twin Flame will “hold the towel” while you dive in, or vice versa. In Divine Truth, you are always working together as One.

Percentage of commitment to Twin Flame Ascension journey 100%

Additional thoughts: None

Faith in the process – 100%

Additional thoughts: None

Is your Life Purpose work in order? – Yes

Additional thoughts: None

Are you approaching your inner work correctly? -100%

Additional thoughts: None

Are you supporting yourself fully on your Twin Flame Ascension journey? – 100%

Additional thoughts: None

Do you feel good about your Twin Flame? Yes

Additional Thoughts: None

Section 2.

Harmonious Union Continued

Sometimes, we approach the Twin Flame Ascension journey for the wrong reasons. It’s extremely valuable to know this section up front because we will eventually be faced with these inappropriate intentions at some point on the journey. Knowing now and aligning your intentions to taking the journey for the right reasons is extremely important.

Are your intentions appropriately aligned on your Twin Flame Ascension journey? – 100%

Additional thoughts: None

Many times along the way, God will direct us to a person who is either our true or false Twin Flame. It’s usually impossible to tell which is which until the final revealing. After this, you know because it has been revealed. You either know your person, or you are surrendered to the process until God reveals your person.

Have you correctly identified your Twin Flame person at this time? – Yes

Additional thoughts: None

Section 3.

3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Advance Your Twin Flame Ascension Journey


Section 4.

Decrees For You And Your Twin Flame

A decree is a decisive creative statement which changes the course of your energy. Think of it like unblocking a clogged pipe in your mind and spirit. These decrees are given to you by God as the most compassionate things to assist you in your Twin Flame Ascension journey. They’re like mini Mind Alignment Process healings for your soul.

Decree 1

“I choose to be in permanent harmonious Union with my True Twin Flame now.”

Decree 2

“I let go of control and allow true love to flow through me now.”

Decree 3

“I choose now to release all blocks and barriers between my Twin Flame and me from my heart.”

Section 5.

Channeled Message Directly From Your Twin Flame’s Higher Self

What message does my Twin Flame have for me right now?

“Beloved, ”

Section 6.

A Personal Message To You From The Guru

Child of God,

Section 7.

Additional Help To Maximize Your Twin Flame Romance Report Experience

How you feel about your Twin Flame matters. Your romance report is as if you approached the fountain of Eternal Life and scooped out a cupful of Divine Nectar. That cup is everlasting and will never run out, no matter how much you drink from it. This cup is yours for life, and you can always return to it whenever you need to remember this feeling, the one you were pointed to. It is the feeling of Perfect Union with your Twin Flame and your Creator.

Most people experience a great deal of spiritual, psychological, and emotional upheaval after receiving their Twin Flame Romance Report. This is a natural and healthy thing because it means you’re releasing illusionsfearego and stepping more into your Divine Self, which is perfectly in alignment with your harmonious Twin Flame Union.

We recommend to our clients the same general advice for upheaval.

  1. This too shall pass. You do not need to attach yourself to the fear being released, and you do not need to concern yourself with it. It is upheaving, it is leaving your system, and the work is already complete. Simply let it pass.
  2. Nurture and care for yourself. Rest is helpful. Peaceful meditation is helpful. Relaxing contemplation is helpful. Do what you need to do to help yourself heal. This is the healing which you have called in by ordering your Twin Flame Romance Report.
  3. Give yourself space to allow the changes within to occur. Naturally, as a result of seeing the deeper Truth of your situation presented in your Romance Report, you will have made and will make new choices on your Twin Flame journey. Let these new choices integrate into your subconscious mind so you can experience the fully integrated changes in a healthy and balanced way.
  4. Relax and enjoy your newfound awareness. After your upheaval process is complete, you will experience life in a brighter new way. New questions will arise, along with new challenges. Claim your desire by stepping boldly into the questions and challenges arising with a balanced and Divine mindset.

With Love,

Jeff and Shaleia