The wheel of birth and death is the result of your karma. Bad karma weighs your vibration down, forcing you to incarnate to purify your consciousness. If you are not using your incarnation to purify your consciousness, you will inevitably be forced to be reborn again and again and again.

Most people I see today are helplessly enslaved for billions and billions of lifetimes on this karmic wheel because they don’t change, and they don’t choose to grow and transcend their karma because no one else does. Sometimes, they ascend tremendously, only to be brought all the way back down to Earth, or even lower Astral realms, to purify their consciousness when they make really bad choices.

Nobody can really see the horrific toll it exacts on their own soul to be caught up in the great wheel. It churns you again and again, and souls develop a deep, deep apathy and hopelessness. Most people lack the vision to see beyond their current vibration and they can’t see how they are controlling it. Usually, they only see the external collective vibration and submit to it, instead of taking command of their own fate.

It’s extremely rare to see a person take control of their destiny; almost nobody does it. People just prefer to run their pattern and hardly ever evolve. Almost nobody, at the time of writing, ascends in a meaningful and significant way. When they do decide to ascend, most people shoot far too low. They consider tiny steps forward to be great victories, when they could be making transcendental leaps of consciousness if they would do a few simple things.

the cycle of the karmic wheel

Who would bother with a $2 per hour raise when they could be transcending trading their time and life for money in exchange for a rich life of Purpose, raking in a rich and abundant income? Why chase the wrong things? Even worse, why accept a life where you have no dream to chase whatsoever? What a sad, pathetic life to accept at any moment ever. How can you live without a dream to nurture? And yet, so many accept hopelessness as a reality.

Right now, I see my fellow humans sinking deeper and deeper into hopelessness when they are on the brink of great victory. But the sad thing is that this hopelessness will erode your victory until it is annihilated in your mind. That is the work of ego. Wherever great victory is afoot, ego is there to come and snatch it from you. It will tell you that your victory is meaningless and that you need to suffer more because life is suffering. That you need to be ashamed. That your efforts were in vain. This has made you into its enemy and it will hunt you, coming into your life to destroy your joy in every single place possible until you root it out completely.

jumping out of karmic wheel

The wheel of birth and death is not something that happens just between lifetimes. It is a function of your karma. When your karma is cleared, the wheel lifts you up. Life is expressed. When your bad karma accrues, you fall back down, you are forced to face the suffering you created through your choices. Round and round we go, up and down and up and down, always in motion, but like a rat on a wheel. Never truly moving forward into really living. It is only truly living that will bring us satisfaction.

It is particularly at this juncture, when everything seems to be collapsing around us, when apathy is taking hold, when misery seems to be at its darkest, when hopelessness is looming and everyone is joining their voice in a cacophony of desolation; that’s when you must stand, unfaltering. That is when you must unleash the inner power of your God-given sovereignty in an unending harmonic presence of light. You must light the fire of your Holy fury and shine with an absolutely unstoppable righteous glory. You must stand against the sickness bearing down upon you. This is what it means to do what is right.

When you do this in dark times, no matter the cost to you, you don’t rise up on the wheel, you break it altogether. This means just as much in the scope of your lifetime as it does in the seconds, hours, years, and passing moments. You can *never* accept darkness as okay.

woman free from karmic wheel

I stand for spiritual freedom. I stand for limitless joy in you and All. I stand for your enlightenment, for your victory, for your righteousness. I stand for your total liberation from the weight of suffering. I stand for your eternal salvation from the enslaving mechanic of the wheel of birth and death. And it’s only you who is in control of your destiny. No one else can do it for you.

You cannot, you must not ever allow yourself to be negatively influenced by external factors. When all around you are falling asleep to the Light within, stand in righteousness. Stand for Perfection. Stand for Union.

If, Then

If you can dream of God when others despair

And only speak of how life is unfair,

If you can stand tall in Love with all your might,

In righteousness and keep with what is right,

If you can remain in honesty and Truth,

And live in service to God’s Will for you,

When all the world cries foul and honesty’s gone,

But you keep close to Him Whose Will is Done

Then there is nothing that can make you forsake

Source within, nothing the Master need take,

Then you will live forever in His Glory,

And He will say His Kingdom is for thee.