Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Do you sometimes struggle to hear God’s guidance when you are in the midst of feeling frightened and challenged? Don’t abandon God! If you are being faced with challenges, and it feels as though you are walking through an endless desert, the way to be victorious and experience deeper peace, is to remain loyal to God, Love and the truth.

As we experience challenges in our lives, we may sometimes find it difficult to hear God’s voice and follow His guidance. Besides, the ego tends to try and carry out its agenda when we are in our most vulnerable moments and when our basic instincts of survival kick in. This is why it’s essential to demonstrate absolute loyalty to Love, even in our most troubled and hopeless times. It’s safe and comforting to be loyal to our Creator and to find support from both those who have walked the path before us and those who are walking it with us (our Gurus and our community).