Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Do you sometimes feel stuck in a dark period of depression and pain, and it feels like you’re in a long, cold and endless Winter? Would you like to know how you can bring the energy of Spring back into your life? Today, let’s shine a light on the key to transcending all suffering.

Sometimes, in our lives, we can find ourselves going through a time of depression, low energy and darkness. All we want to do is curl up by ourselves while we wait for Spring and all its light and warmth to come back into our lives.

The Teachings of Union show us the way out of this darkness by inviting us to use a healing tool called the Mirror Exercise, which helps us feel our feelings, and as a result, shine a light on the places within ourselves that we haven’t been wanting to look at for a very long time. It is through feeling our feelings, that we can truly heal and restore the energy of Spring, Love and Union within ourselves.