Welcome to this Sunday Service.

With Valentine’s Day almost here, our thoughts turn to love. Whether you are with your beloved or not on this romantic day, this week’s sermon shows you how to have all the love you actually desire right now!

We all desire to be loved, but what is the very essence of that love that we are all reaching for? In this week’s sermon we are guided to understand the important role of intimacy in the love relationship with ourselves through the teachings of Unionism. Showing up for ourselves within and providing an intimate and loving presence there is how we build a foundation for our relationship with God and ourselves to thrive upon. Intimacy with ourselves is what cultivates safety, honesty and trust which is the rich soil that allows love to grow and flourish. Ultimately, the love that we give to ourselves is that which we give to our Twin Flame and others; become the Ultimate Lover that you desire to have, and settle for nothing less.