Do you sometimes feel exhausted or drained from certain circumstances or relationships? Do you feel that you’re honoring and respecting your energy? Let’s explore the importance of your energy on the Ascension journey.

As Unionists, learning to manage our energy and to cultivate healthy relationships is a great part of the spiritual process. The Teachings of Union teaches us that every relationship in our lives is an investment of energy. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that these relationships are giving to us in return. Otherwise, it would be what we call an energy leak. A leak of the energy we need to fill up our lives and support us on our Ascension journey towards Union with the Divine.

The true meaning of a relationship encompasses all the relationships we may form in our lives. Not only with people, but also with things, situations, activities, and passions. Everything is a relationship at the core and all your relationships are meant to bring you closer to God.