Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Many of us are attached to believing that something outside of us is the source of love, status or belonging for us. Often, we will find ourselves bound to people, places and situations even when it no longer feels good. This week’s sermon investigates and explains attachment, the way to heal it and how to align to what True Love really is.

It is only natural to experience love through the people around you, your food, hobbies, country, work, etc. But when does love become attachment? And why is attachment an unhealthy state of being? The sermon this week will unlock your awareness so that you can identify these unhealthy attachments and beliefs. And, using the Teachings of Union, learn to heal the core patterns which created them. As Yogananda says “…Love is the inaudible voice of feeling… the heartbeat of all life… Love is the call of God to all creatures.” Allow yourself to discover how Love is free from attachment. It is an everflowing, liberating feeling that you can be present with in every moment if you choose to.