Welcome to this Sunday Service.

We have all experienced the heavy feelings of uncertainty and faithlessness but this is not what we were created to experience. Have you ever wondered what it takes to truly feel confident? How would you like to feel capable, energized and filled with trust everyday? Find out how in this week’s sermon!

With Jeff and Shaleia’s Teachings of Union always at the foundation of each sermon, this week we go deeper into exploring what it takes to develop a real, solid feeling of confidence that we can build a secure life for ourselves on. God created the world we live in based on grounded principles and Divine Truth. Once we know what they are, by studying the Teachings of Union, we can begin to relax into the knowing that all of life is supporting us. The sermon this week focuses on 5 key points we can study to cultivate inner Divine confidence. From this inner place within we can take practical steps to feel secure and grounded in every decision we make.