Welcome to this Sunday Service.

What would it feel like to live and work in complete alignment everyday? Knowing our Life Purpose is knowing ourselves and the way we were Divinely designed to be. Nothing could be more natural. Discover more in this week’s sermon!

All of your life experiences including work, home life, parenting, relationships and education are all preparing you for your Divine Life Purpose. In this week’s sermon, we learn how becoming a young parent of a child with autism taught Adam the fundamentals of different types of communication and deep patience. Together with the Teachings of Union, these skills only deepened and have helped to lay a solid foundation for his Harmonious Twin Flame Union with Breann, their purpose in the world, and a much more grounded relationship with their son. Honouring what God is bringing you on your journey will help you align to your own Life Purpose so that you too can be the best and most Divine version of yourself.