Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Does your heart feel the deep desire of oneness with your Twin Flame on every level of your being? If so, this sermon will bring you everything you need to know to deepen your Union and guide you into your own Harmonious Union.

On the way to Union or Harmonious Union with our Twin Flame we may feel as though we are living life just for ourselves; there may still be a feeling of loneliness in certain areas of our lives. But that was not how we were Divinely created! Oneness for Twin Flames means living life as one. After all we share one consciousness with our Twin Flames. This can be a significant shift to make and requires a great deal of compassion as we heal through all the blocks to experiencing that oneness. Creating deeper intimacy together helps us to master and harmonize partnership with our Twin Flame in our healing work, so that we can create an unstoppable and unshakeable life together. The purpose of healing in your Union or Harmonious Union is Ascension, so relax and trust that deeper peace awaits you as you heal.