Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Choosing to be with your Twin Flame is the first step, but what is a spiritual marriage, how does it really feel and how do we achieve it? If you would like to find out more, then this sermon is a must watch!

Some of us may have contact with our Twin Flames along our Ascension journey and others may not. Either way, the inner work that we’ve been doing, based on the Teachings of Union, is building a strong foundation within us for our Harmonious Twin Flame Union. The sermon this week helps us to ground into the truth of what we are aiming to attain. Harmonious Twin Flame Union (HTFU) is eternal spiritual marriage with our one True Love, our Twin Flame. Understanding what this means helps us to focus on healing the blocks that arise knowing that we are moving, step-by-step in the right direction. Only you are responsible for your healing and for your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Let your journey be peaceful and soon you will be living life together as one.