Welcome to this Sunday Service.

For those of us actively healing and living a spiritual life, nurturing our relationship with God is fundamental to our Ascension. But, have you ever wondered whether your actions are truly serving God, or not? This week’s sermon will provide all the clarity you desire, join us to discover more!

When we lead our lives trying to please ourselves or others, our search for worth, value and love is misguided. Treating others and our external reality as our Source, which is how society teaches us to behave, ultimately leads to a sense of disappointment and a lack of fulfillment. Learning to serve God is the remedy, and it’s this relationship with God that Jeff and Shaleia help us to develop through The Teachings of Union. When we turn to place our focus on serving God within us, we can surrender to God’s will for us and step into the bright, light and deeply fulfilling life that he designed for us to have. God really does know best; are you ready to listen to him?