Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Do we have to listen to the thoughts that tells us we will only be disappointed if we go after our dreams? Should we give our power to that thought, or is there another way? In this week’s sermon we take a scientific look at the nature of our thoughts and unlock the untapped potential hiding in plain sight, so join us to find out more!

Many of our daily thoughts are habitual and repetitive but also very limiting. We can all recognize that sinking feeling we feel in our bodies when our mind is telling us “No.” Often we will listen to that thought and just give our power to it. But, have you ever considered a new way? What if you could create a new neural pathway, but this time leading to a thought of abundance, love, joy or unlimitedness? How would you feel thinking these new thoughts? How would your life transform? This sermon will show you how to make a start using the Mirror Exercise, the only tool you need to reprogram your life into alignment with your heart’s desires. Are you ready to give it a try?