Welcome to this Sunday Service.

What does it mean to be numbed out in relationships? How does this affect your ability to be loved? And what does it take to have truly loving relationships in your life? This week’s sermon delivers answers to these life-changing questions, so join us to find out more!

There are many times when we will keep people in our lives just so that we don’t feel alone and abandoned. Sometimes we numb out to our true feelings because it might mean ending the relationship and feeling lonely. But what if this is actually keeping real love away? What would it feel like if all of your relationships were truly loving and supportive and growing alongside you? Yes, Divine Relationships are absolutely possible. There are many people in the world seeking Divine Relationships just like you. These healthy relationships are established when we make the choice to set boundaries with ego and illusion and allow our relationship with God to grow and flourish. The Teachings of Union will show you the way, so get ready to step into a whole new way of relating where giving is receiving.