Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Jesus demonstrated perfect surrender to God in his life, but does surrendering to God’s Will mean giving up things that you feel are best for you? Is God’s Will for you always leading you to an even better life than you could ever imagine? Discover the answers to these questions in this week’s Easter Sermon!

Thinking we know what’s best for us can often send us down a path of deep contrast and dissatisfaction which eventually leads to an awakening or dark night of the soul. Throughout time God has sent us Spiritual Teachers such as Jesus, and Jeff and Shaleia, who through their shared teachings of Unionism, help to show us the way out of our suffering and find the way back home to love and God. As we progress along our spiritual Ascension journey we may study these spiritual texts and will discover that surrendering to God’s Will for us is an essential step to take. Not only does surrender bring peace and non-attachment, but it also allows us to align with the truth of God’s place for us in Creation. Once we humble ourselves to the Divine Truth that God has created us perfectly with purpose and to experience a life of complete fulfillment on every level, we can finally recognize how loved we are and always have been.