Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Is it true that we should always help another Child of God? Why then can helping others sometimes feel bad and leave us feeling depleted and exhausted? Discover more in this week’s sermon dedicated to healthy giving and receiving in relationships so that you and those you love can grow and flourish!

Being of service is incredibly rewarding and is a natural part of your relationship with Creation. God is always guiding us on where to give and to whom, and it is up to us to make the choice to listen and act only as we are guided to. The teachings of Unionism, brought to us by Jeff and Shaleia, also show us the healthy and respectful way of honoring our energy as we give to others without overextending. And also how to establish clear boundaries for ourselves so that we do not give where our gift is not received. The act of giving and receiving is ultimately a choice we make within us. Remember, your love is the gift that is given. It is safe to follow your inner guidance and honor yourself every step of the way.