Welcome to this Sunday Service.

You have an important role to play in the wondrous Creation because you were designed perfectly and lovingly. This week’s sermon will show you how to discover your own personal legacy that you were created to share and what you can do to make it happen!

How many times have you allowed an opportunity to pass you by without taking action? How did you feel about yourself afterwards? We have all experienced those moments where we could have had wonderful new experiences and learned new skills, but were afraid to take the chance. Rather than give our power to fear, the teachings of Unionism can now bring us safely and securely to the understanding that we all have a unique place in the world, a voice that needs to be heard, a skill that everyone is hoping to receive, or a creative talent that brings joy. Don’t let the voice of fear have power over you. Take your power back and align to God’s Divine Truth; you are loved and you were created to love in return. How does God wish to express through you today?