Welcome to this Sunday Service.

To have Divine Love and Harmonious Union, we must first learn what it truly is and how it differs from the existing relationship paradigm. If you are ready to learn the truth about True Love, then this week’s sermon is for you!

If we carry our old relationship patterns into our Twin Flame Union, then we will soon discover that our Twin Flame will mirror those patterns to us. Although this is an act of love on their part, patterns out of alignment with love will feel very uncomfortable when mirrored. With the purpose of your Twin Flame Union being Ascension, it is only natural that everything that is unloving will need to be released so that our vibration can be raised. Unionism is the key to building a new foundation of Divine Love for your Union so that you can not only recognize a pattern being mirrored to you, but so that you also have the tools to move through that challenge into deeper love and connection in your Union. As our spiritual Guru Jeff says “To have Transcendental Love, you have to do something transcendental.”