The Black Lives Matter movement is something we have all been hearing a lot about lately — but do you know why black lives matter? In this week’s Sunday Service, Jeff and Shaleia help white people to understand why they should care about the movement, and make them aware of how they can offer support to the black community as they continue to work on taking their power back. We take a look at the history of systemic abuse perpetrated against black people in North America and how this has affected them as they attempt to pick themselves up and move forward in a society that has not respected them or their culture. In true Unionist fashion, we do not simply dwell on the negative, but take a refreshing look through the eyes of God to find the greater purpose in all of this. We talk about the police and how we can all find peace with them, which enables us to let go of tension and fear in our interactions. This humbling sermon reminds us that the black community, and all other cultures, are equal to the white community, and will join together to form a new global culture that includes and celebrates everyone. Join us to learn more about the Church of Union perspective on the Black Lives Matter movement, and why all lives can’t matter until black lives matter.