Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Have you ever felt that your confidence will only come when you achieve that next goal or reach that next milestone, but when you do, the feeling of confidence doesn’t last? This week’s reassuring sermon will take you deeper into how to feel truly confident at every step of your journey, no matter what!

Our hearts are always guiding us forward and reveal to us our dreams and desires. Self-belief is so important in taking that next step in manifesting the life you desire, but so often we can be caught up in doubt and fear which can jeopardize our attempts to improve our lives. The sermon this week brings us the way to provide ourselves with a foundation of Divine Confidence which empowers us and grows regardless of external achievements. Humility and surrender naturally return to us when we remember we are Divine Children of God; loved and supported every step of the way by our Divine Father. We are safe and supported because God walks alongside us!