How do you build a Divine partnership with God and your Twin Flame, as your perfect partner, friend, lover and teacher on Earth?

The Teachings of Union teach us that if we want to break through to the next level, we need to accept that each day, God shows us something new to work through in order to attain our goals and live the life we yearn for. Every challenge and upset that we are facing in our everyday lives is the opportunity to go deeper into building a true and Divine foundation for ourselves and our Twin Flame. It is essential to cultivate a Divine connection and partnership with God and heal every area of our lives we are called to heal through. This is the only and unique way to increase our inner strength and peace. Building a Divine foundation for us and our Twin Flame is being able to surrender and accept God showing the way, the steps, and the pace towards the life of our dreams. The life we deserve as His Divine children.