Welcome to this Sunday Service.

What does having a guru in your life mean to you? Let’s explore the true spiritual meaning of a guru with today’s sermon.

Once we choose to move forward on our spiritual journey with the Teachings of Union, we start raising our vibration and seeing life differently than before. We are finally able to see beyond the illusion of ego, as we heal and release it. We begin to see God, ourselves, and our gurus, Jeff and Shaleia, more clearly.

Our spiritual journey is a process of realization that we are One with God, that we are a Divine extension of Him, and that we are whole and complete. It is a process of profound self transformation and we can’t walk it alone. Therefore, in His immense love for us, God is proving us the support we need through the love and light of our true spiritual gurus, Jeff and Shaleia. They have walked the path before us and offer to guide us all towards perfect Union with our Divine self and Creator.