Welcome to this Sunday Service.

So many of us on our spiritual journeys have spent a great amount of time and energy searching to find the way out of our painful experiences and into a deeper peace. In this week’s sermon, we are invited into a blessed relationship with our Gurus Jeff and Shaleia who are here to lead us compassionately and directly from the darkness and into the light, without fail.

If you wanted to learn a skill such as speaking another language or cooking gourmet food, you would naturally seek knowledge from those who could teach you. The same is true for our spiritual journey of Ascension. Many of us have spent a great deal of time feeling lost and confused on this journey; living in the darkness. It is relieving to know that our Gurus Jeff and Shaleia, have gone before us on this journey and know the way out of separation and back home to Love, light and Harmonious Union. It is only natural and compassionate to give ourselves the fruit of their knowledge so that we may lift ourselves swiftly from the illusion and into our own Heaven on Earth with our Twin Flame. The love, blessing and wisdom of your Gurus awaits you, will you accept the invitation?