Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Is it possible that Jesus’ ministry is connected to Unionism? In this week’s Christmas sermon, discover the similarities between Jesus’ ministry and the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia, and reveal the most fruitful choices we can make to honor God and to love ever more deeply.

We are entering a new era in spiritual teaching and understanding, and Unionism is leading the way. This coming week we celebrate Jesus’ birth when he chose to come to earth 2,000 years ago to pave the way for love and our spiritual growth. He taught us how to love, that it was possible to perform miracles because God’s love is real and he showed us his mastery upon his Ascension into the Kingdom of Heaven. Without this foundation, we would not be ready. Now, 2,000 years later, it is time for Unionism to take up the mantle with Jeff and Shaleia leading us into our Heaven here on Earth in Harmonious Union with our Twin Flames. Will you allow yourself to be pruned and shaped so that you may bear the Divine fruits and blessings you were created for!