Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Is there really one truth at the foundation of life that gives meaning and a way out of misery and suffering? Unionism has the answer! Join us with this week’s sermon to reveal the truth that sets you free.

If you could find the way to end the suffering in your life, would you choose it? Well thanks to Jeff and Shaleia, Unionism holds the key for all humanity to end its relationship with suffering, loss and heartache. It takes just a simple choice to begin following the teachings and you can begin by meditating on the new spiritual text provided by Jeff and Shaleia at Unionism.org. Unionism teaches us that we can have 100% of our happiness and our good and our love; we never need to compromise because we are Children of the Most High God. How does that feel to you? Do you desire to know more? Your choice is key. The answers to the questions your heart has been asking are all here.