Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Sometimes we can be a little too hard on ourselves as we heal, focussing on our fears rather than taking time to acknowledge the deeper love and peace we have called in. This week’s sermon invites us to establish a spiritual practice that is balanced and sustainable so that we can maintain a long-term spiritual lifestyle.

When we call in more love into our lives, we call in more healing too, but rather than allow ourselves to feel resentful that we have so much to heal and feel bad, instead we can choose to heal in a balanced way. Choosing to receive all the support we need to help ourselves, creates the balance we need to successfully navigate our healing and, therefore, build a secure and stable foundation for your life. Our spiritual work is building a life with God; it is the restructuring of our lives from the foundation upwards. Giving ourselves compassion and receiving peace and love along the way not only sustains our success, but also means we can enjoy every step along the way.