Welcome to this Sunday Service.

Do you sometimes feel a lack of energy and a lack of desire in your everyday life?

How would it feel to surrender to God’s guidance and focus on the steps right in front of you?

What do you feel called to do at the moment?

Unionism teaches us how to walk our spiritual path, while still being a member of society, and still interacting with the external world, which is an important part of the healing journey. The Teachings of Union recognizes our Life Purpose as an important tool for our inner work and growth, as well as an important tool for attracting our Twin Flame.

Step by step, as we follow the Teachings of Union, we learn to recognize God as the Source of our energy, abundance and love. There is no need to rely on and take from our own limited pool of energy.

It’s safe to surrender to God and to allow Him to show us what next steps we should take in order to manifest our desires, and increase the levels of joy, energy, and purpose in our lives.